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Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my Wiki-profile at OpenMandriva

I first started using Mandriva Linux when it was still called Mandrake Linux and used version 9.2. I used to work for a London-based company as a freelance and did pretty much everything on this Mandrake Linux (invocing, emails etc.). I am still a big fan of Mandriva-based systems, speak German, English and French and live in North Germany near Wolfsburg where Volkswagen have their headquarters.

Professional Life / Small Business Owner

I do occasional jobs in the automotive industry when it comes to translation but I am mainly the owner of a very small company called which thanks to the Internet has clients in all sorts of countries. The idea of the company is to adapt software for a specific language region, German in this case. As with OpenMandriva I am just doing what is translator jargon is called: localization or l10n for short. I also translate websites, brochures, flyers as well as software and manuals into my native German language.

Community activity inside OpenMandriva

Thanks to my OpenMandriva fellows I recently received write access to our repository. The master sources are still with ROSA's ABF but I am a big fan of the git command-line client. So I regulary fix typos in OpenMandriva and also receive the Bugzilla reports relating to l10n.

I am also language coordinator of our language teams at an l10n platform called and occasionally write articles for the OpenMandriva wiki. As far as German stuff is concerned we "inherited" a lot of Mandriva SA Wiki material from their Mandriva Linux distribution and as far as German is concerned this material should be included with our new wiki. So revisions need to be make, updates etc. but I do not really have the time to tackle this immense task. I am willing to give support on this.


  • Bringing the German translations up to date (so far pretty much everything of the GUI is translated, only mainly rpm-summaries are still missing)
  • Translation co-ordinator for Mandriva Linux, Pulse2 and Mandriva Directory Server - The latter two were part of Mandriva SA's business offerings. I know don't know where these products have gone to now. Please Pulse2 people do get in touch with me if you are thinking of adapting former Mandriva SA products to the German market
  • Various bug reports (too many to mention here)