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Helping Hands / Members / Freelancer - All Around this Distro

Council, Infra, communication, Moderation, Wiki, Artwork, Technical Committee, Development, Quality Assurance, Packaging (PacMan ;)), Translators, Freelancer, helping hands

Alias Name current activity Alias Name current activity
ashledombos Raphaël Jadot Master TL Charles H-Schulz com
Rugyada Cristina ArtTL/tra/MIB devnet Derrick Devine com
abhandari Anurag Bhandari Inf/com NicCo Nicolò Costanza TC/MIB
jofazepa João Patrício Inf/com/Art/tra bobbert John Cave inf
proyvind Per Øyvind Karlsen fre/dev/pac Mdawkins Matthew Dawkins com/dev/pac
jclvanier Jean-Claude Vanier Inf/com waynesallee Wayne Sallee Con
Hamp3 Art Taras Boychuk tra
Blackcrack Wik/Art/HP/hh Subperceptual Art
Bero Bernhard Rosenkränzer TC/PL/Dev/pac gmoro Guilherme Moro TC/PL
Pulfer Andrey Bondrov TC/pac Denis Silakov dev/pac
Crisb pac Arisel Jochen Schönfelder TC/pac
Colin Close pac Ben Bullard QA
Isadora tra tapwag Maik Wagner l10n
Arvi Pingus Zwartij Tra/In Honor Willie tra
Raul.liota Raul Liota tra Alisson Oliveira tra
BlogDrake tra Xu_R Robert Xu QA
klebedeff Kate Lebedeff com/tra

Peoples who had helping here and Peoples who was Members to remember and never forget

The Peoples in Honnor where had helps to build up a Community from 2012-2013 and other memorable People where are excreted and could no longer help.

Alias Name past activity and why Alias Name past activity and why