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When the members attend to a meeting of the association or an event for representing the association, their expenses can be reimbursed, under some conditions [to be completed]. The right way to apply is to send the receipts and to complete the reimbursement form in pdf or in odt.

Please, take care of the following guidelines:

  • Don't forget to send all the receipts for which you ask a reimbursement. Ideally, they should mention:
  1. the price
  2. the name of the product
  3. the date
  4. your name

This is the case when you buy a train ticket via internet for example. It is not always possible to get such receipts (bus tickets) but they always contain at least the first 2 items.

  • Of course the paper mails are not very convenient, so it is possible to send the form and the receipts by email to [] or directly to the treasurer's personal mail address, if you know it ;) Another way, is to give all the required documents to the treasurer during the event.
    • the form must be signed. This is the only strict requirement. Feel free to add any unanticipated informations.
    • the receipts are, ideally, given by the seller in pdf. You can also scan them in a way they are readable and printable. Please, don't send vague or fuzzy photos taken on the edge of a table! And think about my poor internet connection, I hardly download heavy documents (above 1 MB), especially if they are unusable... The reason is that the accounts of the association are verified each year by an auditing commission and, possibly, by a fiscal agent. So, all the documents must be clearly presented.
  • Generally, you will be reimbursed via a bank transfer. Therefore, we will need your bank details: IBAN and BIC/SWIFT. If this is not possible for some reason (you are outside the Euro zone for example or the transfer fees are very high) please let us know.