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Taken from the Etherpad (

This is the OpenMandriva QA Meeting Pad for June/July 2013.
Meeting Agenda:

Release Procedures (incl. Pre-Release Testing & Approval)
Follow up with Colin's doc for release testing <a href=""></a>
(needs slight modifications for live CD, but don't kill the old installer instructions either, in case we bring that back)
QA should test ISOs
QA and TC must work together, both must approve candidates for relases seperately before it may be considered or release.
Need a release manager, maybe bero? Who decides this?
  • Definition of Release Manager - Coordinator - make sure that things get done, must be knowledgeable with the process
  • The process of releasing a new version must be documented for release manager (e.g. release schedule & process)
  • [13:40:41] * arisel expects that the release manager will have to be able to fix at least some things on short notice himself. In a perfect world he would not have to do that. But as we're not overflown with devs someone has to be able to decide what is important and what not. For that some technical knowledge is crucial. If we follow a perfect world scheme we will not release.
  • TC decides Release Manager
Prioirties need to be decided, Cooker should tell us whatever needs to be prioritized in testing

Issues with the past alpha ISO

Available hardware to QA is an issue.
Testing Two-stage approach - first stage emulators (vbox, qemu, etc), accept hardware related issues. Second stage Real Hardware as much as possible. (e.g. 1st stage perfect env, 2nd stage non-perfect)

Cooker Standards & Enforcement
So essentially documentation, documentation, documentation.

[14:25:22] <colin___> One omportant this before we close this. Could the TC generate a list of standards that the think would contribute to the smooth running fo the distro
[14:26:01] <arisel> colin___: I could ask for this. I'm unsure on how specific the outcome will be, but I've an idea on where to aim.

QA Testing Standards (e.g. what should we be looking for?)
[see above release procedures]
[14:29:56] <arisel> just one point: I could provide you with a smaller iso which boots into kdm and where you can select icewm as window manager. So if that is helpful i can try to get bero or me to regulary build one of those..
[14:30:04] <arisel> or you could build one yourself.
[14:30:37] <arisel> (sorry this was for the topic we jumped over)

[14:32:00] <arisel> colin___: ok, will explain the process to Xu_R. Most of it is documented, but still needs editing of one script. think I'll make that configurable, though. Then it should be easy.
[14:32:28] <Xu_R> arisel: It's essentially iso-build-tools and modifying the script, yes?
[14:32:35] <arisel> colin___: +1 for filing branding bugs. I'm fine with any place of filing them.
[14:32:38] <colin___> ok will do we relly should remove the Moondrake terminal screen you get if you don't boot directly into X
[14:33:17] <arisel> Xu_R: yes. the list you want to use is omdv_small_but_stuffed.lst, and you have to change that inside the "build" script.

Some of OpenMandriva's software is still branded as Mandriva, which is a no-no. I've taken the liberty of rebranding some of the key parts, but I have not submitted them yet. Current omv_software information <a href=""></a>

Proprietry Software Policy.
Leave this to TC.