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Getting Started with QA

We're glad that you're interested in QA! We've compiled this document to help you get started in helping us test OpenMandriva Lx.

Setting up your OpenMandriva Lx system

Because you'll probably be working with pre-alpha software, we strongly urge you to use a dedicated or virtual machine for testing. Or not - if you have good backups and are willing to test (and possibly wreck havoc on) your daily routine with these pre-release versions, you are more than welcome to (and in fact, we encourage the latter, because it makes sure that we have real-life use cases for these things).

Pre-release software comes through the testing repositories. We only have a testing repository for main, because contrib and non-free are maintainer dependent and out of our control.

You can add the repositories as follows:

urpmi.addmedia Main_Testing$ARCH/main/testing/

Substitute $ARCH with your architecture.

Package Testing with Kahinah

Testing new Alpha/Beta/RC ISOs

Triaging New Bugs with Bugzilla