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OpenMandriva Quality Assurance

Welcome to the OpenMandriva Quality Assurance portal. As our association grows, we strive to ensure that we uphold the standards of the distribution as a whole.

The goal of the Quality Assurance group is to ensure not only that bugs do not make their way to the public through testing and standards, but that they may be easily resolved through triaging to their respective packages and maintainers.

These are not meant to be perfect statements that dictate our work; rather, guiding principles that govern our work. We do not extensively test items like individual packages, as those are left up to the maintainers (though we do monitor every single update that goes through the system); rather, we make sure that the system as a whole functions properly.


  • Triaging the information received from sources to those that may find it useful.
  • Cooperating with Cooker maintainers to assign bugs to those that may be able to resolve them.
  • Providing for the testing repository and ensuring that migration to the stable repositories will not cause harm.
  • Verifying the integrity of standards within the distribution releases.
  • Coordinating and prioritizing major tasks that maintainers need to be aware of.
  • Determining, with the help of Cooker maintainers, the release priorities and criteria that must be upheld for any release to happen.

Joining QA

We welcome everyone to help us test OpenMandriva Lx! You can see our Getting Started page for more information about the tools we have at our disposal, and future plans.

Organizing Members

  • Robert Xu
  • Ben Bullard
  • Colin Close
  • Chris Tanner
  • Luca Pedrelli
  • Cristina


You may also want to review Cooker policies, in addition to ours.


We use a variety of tools to help us with our work. However, none compare to the actual task of checking by hand and doing it with actual computers, as those are the true use cases. We invite everyone to test any OpenMandriva official releases that occur, including development and milestone releases.

Please read: How to report a bug


We can be found at the om-qa forum/mailing list.


We hold meetings on demand.