Preparing for a release

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This page defines all the steps involved in the release process that MUST BE adhered to for a release to be successful.

Process Flow

  1. 7 days prior -- Packages are finalized (no changes after this)
  2. 6 days prior -- ISOs are generated and given to QA for testing
  3. 4 days prior -- A GO/NOGO meeting is held and a decision taken
    • GO - proceed to step 4 and pass on the exact ABF build IDs for ISOs to the Workshop team
    • NOGO - go to step 8
  4. 3 days prior -- Changelog, release notes and screenshots are prepared
  5. 2 days prior -- Release announcement is drafted
  6. 1 day prior -- ISOs are pushed to ibiblio and SourceForge, torrents are prepared
  7. Release Day -- We announce the release on (in order):
  8. Delay the release by a week and go to step 1