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Hi there, welcome to OpemMandriva:)

Want to join, but no clue how?
Here are some basic guidelines. The membership is free and open to all active contributors to the OpenMandriva projects.
As a member you will be able to vote in the elections for the various administrative positions, and can run for election as well. A member is a smart and decent person, truly believing in Open Source, freedom and collaboration.

All about you?
Join us:)

A member-to-be needs to agree to the following:

  1. Member of the Association “OpenMandriva” acknowledges the statutes and bylaws of the Association, you can see details here
  2. Member of OpenMandriva is the one who represents OMA to the outer world, so he/she always applies the best efforts to support the professional, dedicated attitude and polite, respective manners with other people. Member of OMA is respectful to OMA in all of it's communications, also in case of internal disagreements (which should be sorted out as soon as possible with involved members/teams).
  3. We are a team. Becoming a member one accepts, that his personal opinion may sometimes differ from group opinion. The member is welcome to defend his point of view, but has to be respectful when his opinion is not accepted by the majority. That is how teams operate.
  4. Wiki contributions are done by all of members, nevertheless, for wiki or blog in particular the communication team has the privilege to proof-read the posts with the purpose of best possible language and contents quality, making sure that contents is always correct and coordinated with other involved team members. Contents of wiki supplied without com-team approval could be deleted/edited without notification in case it is not correct from contents or language points of view.
    Email for submitting content for official publication in wiki/blog : OM-COM@ML.OPENMANDRIVA.ORG <mailto:OM-COM@ML.OPENMANDRIVA.ORG>.
  5. Breaking these rules could lead to losing membership.

For legal reasons (Association is a legal entity) we need the following data from you:

  • Full Name
  • E-Mail Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Birth Date
    If under 18, authorization from parents in writing

(Your Mailing address and birth-date stay with membership committee and are kept private. Your full name will appear on the list of members of the Association in our wiki. If you object, please notify us about this NOW, in this case your name will also be treated as private information, and we will publish only your alias in wiki. The provided private data will be not be transferred to any third party and will be treated with caution and respect, it also will not be merged with accounts on infra (ie separate database)).

It would be also good to have, but this is optional:

  • Screen Names
  • OpenPGP public key
  • CAcert public key

We are looking forward to hearing from you and welcoming you in OpenMandriva!


OMA membership committee

P.S. Decisions about membership are made by the membership committee and council. Decision are based on member-to-be contributions, reputation and his relations with other team members (could be other criteria as well). Please treat the decisions with respect. They are not personal and come not out of the blue. Thank you.