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Council Meeting: 18/July/2013 15:00 UTC in #openmandriva-council @ freenode


  1. Evaluation of OMA participation on fisl 14
  2. Analysis of the possibility to match the OpenMandriva Lx Beta release and Mandrake anniversary (day 23 jul)
  3. Community Pods organization strategy and listing/contact list
  4. Lack of participation on management of association and procedural decision taking redefinition.
  5. Surveys to Devs and Community
  6. 6 month evaluation of activity

Decisions on:

“Evaluation of OMA participation on fisl 14”

Is consensual that the FISL 14 went very well regarding the few time organization had to prepare the event.

Need to have an “information kit” with: small institutional presentation (max 1 page) plus one video that «Basically a "look what you can do with our stuff"». That shows the OS in use, some info, running game, some more info like a mix of "interviews", institutional and "workaround".

“Analysis of the possibility to match the OpenMandriva Lx Beta release and Mandrake anniversary (day 23 jul)“

This was approved with only QA validation needed. The need to find a solution for configuration of repos was put on table and is going to be checked by development and a ISO will be send ASAP to QA team.

“Community Pods organization strategy and listing/contact list”

It was decided to prepare a blog post and mailing list communication talking about the process and the objectives of the pods. Asking also for existing communities to contact us and for contacts of potential interested people/communities. At the same time collect the existing contacts and “mail” them with the proposals for the Community Pods.

“Lack of participation on management of association and procedural decision taking redefinition”

Was decided to enforce the exiting rules, for example that people that misses 3 meetings on a row without proper justification will have to leave council, and that the Council board will prepare a communication to its members talking about the need to participate and enforcing the rules. Also was decided that we should change the frequency of meetings and use Loomio more as a discussion and decision taking tool. Proposal to meetings reducing them from 1 a week to 2 a month with on mandatory and one taken only when “real-time” discussion is needed.

“Surveys to Devs and Community”

The fulfillment of the surveys were approved with some concerns regarding the manage of users expectations, this means that users should be aware that OMA has limited resources and strategy defined for the distro and that not all the user preferences would be implemented, therefor they will be analyzed and implemented regarding resources, technical issues, etc... The user survey will be released on the Beta release day, and Mandrake community anniversary.

“6 month evaluation of activity”

Was discussed and approved the start of the production of activity report, visual, with institutional for transparency of activity, that reflects the association and OpenMandriva Lx project activity and that will be placed on the final release DVD. Also the information kit, previously discussed, was considered to be placed on DVD. The responsibility of execution of the report is from council and this work will also prepare for the annual report the OMA association has to prepare for members and annual general assembly.

Check the full meeting log.