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Strategy meeting

Time & Place

Place: #openmandriva @ Date/Time: Wednesday 2013-06-12, 18:00 UTC

Time zone Local time UTC offset
CET Wednesday 2013-06-12, 19:00 UTC UTC+1
MST Wednesday 2013-06-12, 11:00 UTC UTC-7
MSK Wednesday 2013-06-12, 22:00 UTC UTC+4
VLAT Tuesday 2013-06-13, 05:00 UTC UTC+11


1. the state of art of our development/infra/issues/concerns (outcome from last TC meeting?) 2. the strategy we have (what will be our first release, do we stick on our will to show we are innovative, from first Strategy Meeting, or do we wait the second release for it) 3. a proposal of ETA (even if we'll be late, we need at least some deadlines) 4. which communication to have(it's important that we're all on the same page)



[18:06:15] <klebedeff_> well, let's start and see:)
[18:06:16] <Xu|Mobile> Hi klebedeff_
[18:06:23] <klebedeff_> hi Robert:)
[18:06:27] <klebedeff_> so
[18:06:32] <Xu|Mobile> I may be in and out, so don't expect too much from me
[18:06:49] <klebedeff_> we have 3 points for this meeting
[18:06:51] crisb [] a rejoint #openmandriva
[18:08:03] <klebedeff_> 1. distro strategy for now (and until we change it), ie unlimited. The topic obviously includes the current distro description, which we will need for our website and for external communication, and motto
[18:08:06] <klebedeff_> 2. ETA
[18:08:43] <klebedeff_> 3. "Linux" or no "Linux" in the name (there are external concerns about this, preliminary discussion and ideas will be copy-pasted)
[18:08:59] <klebedeff_> you all have initial doc
[18:09:06] <klebedeff_>
[18:09:30] <klebedeff_> it is long and of course we will not be putting us to sleep trying to make a perfect edit today:)
[18:10:03] <klebedeff_> starting with point 1, I suggest to get to most sense concentrated thing, shortest - motto
[18:10:10] <klebedeff_> that will help with all other wordings
[18:10:20] <AnuragBhandari> thanks for the agenda, klebedeff_
[18:10:21] <klebedeff_> there are a number of suggestions
[18:10:33] <klebedeff_> (at your service, hehe:)
[18:10:50] <klebedeff_> I will paste the ideas and suggest we discuss
[18:11:08] <klebedeff_> ( i will mark the words with letters for convenience)
[18:11:14] fedya|2 [~kvirc@] a rejoint #openmandriva
[18:11:20] <klebedeff_> a. Community. Fun. Stability.
[18:11:45] <klebedeff_> b. Innovation
[18:11:54] <fedya|2> I thought that name already was choosen
[18:11:59] <fedya|2> OpenMandriva
[18:12:13] <klebedeff_> c. Exciting ground for users, exciting ground for developers
[18:12:45] <klebedeff_> fedya|2 it is not about this name, it is about ending. I will explain in detail when we come to number 3
[18:12:58] <fedya|2> k
[18:13:04] <klebedeff_> d. mobility
[18:13:15] <klebedeff_> e. defacto, default RPM distro
[18:13:21] <rugyada> fedya|2: link:
[18:13:34] <klebedeff_> f. passionate about what we do
[18:13:55] <klebedeff_> g. easy for newcomer, powerful for expert
[18:14:04] <klebedeff_> (i have difficulties with alphabet:))))
[18:14:30] <klebedeff_> j. j. easy to respin
[18:14:39] <klebedeff_> k. friendly for newbies
[18:14:53] <klebedeff_> Not all of these are exact motto words, but these are ideas
[18:15:10] <klebedeff_> please have your say, what reflects our grounds and base best?
[18:15:27] <klebedeff_> (first the ideas themselves, and then we come to motto wording:)
[18:15:43] arisel had a lot of thoughts about mottos but didn't really come up with one, as we're quite heterogenus.. But after reading the suggestions I'm very in favor of f) :)
[18:15:47] <Xu_R> Community definitely
[18:16:11] <Xu_R> Exciting ground... maybe not so much - what do we mean by that?
[18:16:18] <Xu_R> That has to wear off sometime, if I'm thinking correctly
[18:16:41] <klebedeff_> I will quote Bero, since he is not here now: we are the only one really community driven distro for the moment, this is most important and should be stressed/flagged
[18:17:20] <klebedeff_> I do not know what was meant by "exciting", my best guess that it is about "FUN"
[18:17:33] <klebedeff_> (for both users and devs)
[18:17:44] <ben79> Community-yes
[18:18:07] <ben79> Mandrake/Mandriva has always been known for g.
[18:18:12] <Xu_R> What do we mean for e?
[18:18:32] <arisel> Xu_R: maybe because of rpm5.
[18:18:36] <Xu_R> j is not necessarily something we need to promote to users, but for devs sure
[18:18:40] <ben79> Great distro for newbies but powerful enough for advanced users.
[18:19:01] <klebedeff_> Xu_R yes, rpm5
[18:19:13] <arisel> Xu_R: but as I see rpm5 as a true rpm as well as rpm4 or rpm6 or whatever-rpm, I'm opposing e) since there are a lot of rpm-based distris out there.
[18:19:26] <Xu_R> /dislike e then
[18:19:40] <Xu_R> We don't need fracturing over rpm imho
[18:20:11] <klebedeff_> is stability something we want to stress?
[18:20:20] arisel still thinks f) fit's nicely. Since there really has been a lot of passion in mostof the discussions which got us to this point.
[18:20:52] <klebedeff_> * Kate agrees with arisel
[18:20:53] <arisel> klebedeff_: maybe that's something we can do if we later discuss on long-term support releases, or stuff like that.
[18:21:06] <arisel> (stability)
[18:21:12] <klebedeff_> yeah, i understood
[18:21:30] <klebedeff_> ok, so far two favorites: community and passion
[18:21:30] <rugyada> f) + Community driven
[18:21:34] <AnuragBhandari> Community and Stability
[18:21:53] <Xu_R> Stability would be good, yeah
[18:22:01] <Xu_R> Ease of Use...
[18:22:04] <AnuragBhandari> innovation will come later, when we are stable enough :)
[18:22:08] <AnuragBhandari> and have a large community
[18:22:42] <klebedeff_> Fun?
[18:23:35] <rugyada> fun yes, becouse we're not too much "serious"
[18:23:41] <Xu_R> fun's implied. :P
[18:23:59] <arisel> AnuragBhandari: actually from a software perspective there already have been quite a few decisions which differ from other distris, so it's not totally uninnovative..
[18:24:03] <klebedeff_> well, if you look at what exists out there, you will see that they are indeed a bit too serious:)
[18:24:21] <klebedeff_> (don't know who submitted that to the doc, but that is good input:)
[18:24:30] <arisel> AnuragBhandari: and just claiming stability is nice, but I think that will be sth we first would have to prove in the future.
[18:24:48] <arisel> fun's nice :)
[18:25:11] <Xu_R> We are committed to maintaining one of the most innovative, stable, and usable distributions out there
[18:25:19] <klebedeff_> (for motto I think we need max 3 words or 4 if it is one sentence, but other high rated phrases still could be on front page of our website. We just need to figure out the key points)
[18:25:21] <Xu_R> or something like that.
[18:25:54] <klebedeff_> Xu_R that is for "under motto"
[18:26:05] <klebedeff_> motto itself should be veeery short
[18:26:08] <OnlyHuman> if openmandriva is built on cooker how can it ever be stable?
[18:26:09] <klebedeff_> as short as possible
[18:26:19] <Xu_R> hmm...
[18:26:47] <Xu_R> OnlyHuman: huh? Fedora is built on Rawhide, and it's stable.
[18:26:55] <arisel> OnlyHuman: not really.
[18:27:04] <arisel> Xu_R: more or less..
[18:27:16] <arisel> OnlyHuman: OpenMandriva will also have releases.
[18:27:59] <klebedeff_> So for the moment the leaders are : Community. Fun. Passionate about we do (or just "Passion"?). Stability (under Q)
[18:29:20] <OnlyHuman> friendly
[18:29:36] <OnlyHuman> caring
[18:29:49] <OnlyHuman> listening bank
[18:29:51] <klebedeff_> ok, let's go from the other side : who has objections to the leaders phrases?
[18:29:58] <klebedeff_> OnlyHuman recorded:)
[18:30:05] <OnlyHuman> lol :)
[18:30:58] <klebedeff_> if there are no objections, I will summarize this all into priority list and take to council for final decision
[18:31:28] arisel thinks that stability is something we should aim for, but we should not use in adverts, now, as we can't prove it yet.
[18:31:36] <klebedeff_> (it is probably worth having a poll with several motto versions, based on what we discussed now?)
[18:31:49] <jclv> Stability can mean: simply works with all the softs of the repos
[18:31:52] <klebedeff_> * Kate in fact agrees with arisel
[18:31:56] <jclv> Or: we will keep the same tools for a long time
[18:32:13] <OnlyHuman> rolling distro
[18:32:14] <klebedeff_> this needs explaining then
[18:32:36] <arisel> so, totally ok to have this as motto, but we will be judged by it, then.
[18:32:37] <klebedeff_> used alone in motto "stability" could lead to questions, indeed
[18:33:10] <klebedeff_> just to say again, that by motto we mean WHAT DRIVES THIS?
[18:33:19] <klebedeff_> it is about target as well
[18:33:30] <arisel> jclv: last thing won't happen, i guess. Too many of us developers are interested in newer things.
[18:33:32] <klebedeff_> but motto usually describes state of things (as I understand it)
[18:34:02] <OnlyHuman> enthusiasm
[18:34:15] <klebedeff_> enthusiasm is within passion i guess:)
[18:34:15] <jclv> arisel: this is why "stability" is a fuzzy word
[18:34:20] <arisel> jclv: (although not everything is dropped every day ;)
[18:34:24] <arisel> jclv: agreed.
[18:34:35] <OnlyHuman> better than tinkering in the garden shed
[18:34:47] <klebedeff_> stability is a very attractive word
[18:35:17] <OnlyHuman> need a distro first
[18:35:32] <jclv> I guess the first meaning is well understood
[18:35:33] <klebedeff_> could though lead to question "hm, stable, so not innovative?"
[18:35:40] <rugyada> Recipe: a pinch of Community, a pinch of Passion, a pinch of Innovation. Flavored with Fun.
[18:35:43] <klebedeff_> coudl be various meanings
[18:36:07] <klebedeff_> rugyada sounds good:)
[18:36:10] <jclv> Pinch is not enough !
[18:36:11] <OnlyHuman> well slitaz use cook
[18:36:19] <rugyada> since we cook
[18:36:20] <klebedeff_> (long for motto, but should be used imo:)
[18:36:32] <rugyada> and are not that serious
[18:36:33] <rugyada> :)
[18:36:35] <klebedeff_> ok, handful:)
[18:37:15] <AnuragBhandari> rugyada: nice one :)
[18:37:20] <rugyada> tks
[18:37:49] <klebedeff_> so, given this direction (the list to be passed to council, I guess decision to be taken next thursday, but all welcome to take part in that discussion)
[18:37:59] <klebedeff_> i think we can move to number 2
[18:38:08] <AnuragBhandari> yes
[18:38:15] <arisel> yepp
[18:38:16] <klebedeff_> oh, sorry
[18:38:25] <klebedeff_> second part of number 1 first
[18:38:42] <AnuragBhandari> sure
[18:38:48] <klebedeff_> and this is how we describe distro?
[18:39:06] <OnlyHuman> openmandriva a dynamic experience
[18:39:07] <klebedeff_> here goes teh details, which do not fit to motto, and technical direction
[18:39:30] <klebedeff_> (dynamic experience could be a bungee jumping:))))
[18:39:59] <OnlyHuman> well it would be chancey using openmandriva at present
[18:40:22] <klebedeff_> when talking to people, i often heard the question, WHY at all to have the "one more distro", and I guess the description of our tech route should answer this as well
[18:40:26] <klebedeff_> what is so unique?
[18:40:41] <klebedeff_> let me copy-paste few main things from doc
[18:40:48] <OnlyHuman> probably not much
[18:41:14] <klebedeff_> a. Can we imagine a way to have something close to what does Unity Linux, ie • having a strong core that follows it's own cycle with a dedicated team, focusing on just CLI version or even CLI + a basic WM (LXDE/OpenBox/WindowMaker/awesome/Razor-Qt...) • Having People working on a fully optimized/customized/modern_looking/well_shaped version of KDE or Gnome or which ever WM or DE have enough people managing it. Those team
[18:41:24] <OnlyHuman> thats why I suggested keeping mklivecd to attract users
[18:41:36] <klebedeff_> ergonomy (ie think as a user, not only as a developer) • There are different types of users, and we should be able to attrack them by different reasons. One think that is quite important for a regular user is a good and simple "APP Store", for an advanced user is a flexible and fast package manager.
[18:41:47] <OnlyHuman> though pclos has mylivecd :)
[18:42:21] <klebedeff_> b. easy spin . two cooker: • one for bleeding development, high unstable testing, innovation and developer attraction, • the other for quite stable but continuous development (without freezing, just a separate branch at some time), a dedicated team could work on porting stuff to cooker unstable to cooker stable (which doesn't mean people can't install vanilla KDE or Gnome, but just official releases are not like 1Million
[18:42:38] <klebedeff_> , while keeping traditional releases for those who want to avoid any risk of breaking things)
[18:43:08] <klebedeff_> c. Collaboration with other distribution • Chakra Linux (suggested by Raphaël) for their strong involvement to KDE and ability to innovate. • Bodhi Linux, they wanted not to be based only on Ubuntu, why not suggesting them using also OpenMandriva as a base. • ROSA, Mandriva, Conectiva (pcpa is already planning to use OM Cooker for the next Conectiva OEM) • Mageia, PCLinuxOS - sharing some packages/tools
[18:43:22] <klebedeff_> d. ABF; when the neutral domain name is chosen and established • Share, relay related communication • Consider ABF as a project supported by the association (invite people to join/use it) • Connect armv7 build clients and ABF
[18:43:25] <OnlyHuman> openmandriva needs to gain respect as a distro but since it has nothing out there yet=no users
[18:43:42] <klebedeff_> e. • easy to use, but not too "dumbed down" for power users and technically sane • end user focused distribution by and for the community, not under direct control of any corporate interests • easy to respin/use as a base for new distributions • good KDE integration • remaining innovative • fully Open Source, but providing fairly easy access to important closed applications • Razor-Qt integration (AFAIK there's
[18:44:00] <klebedeff_> I believe these are main results of brainstorm
[18:44:18] <OnlyHuman> I like the easy to respin part
[18:45:08] <OnlyHuman> variety of desktop managers that can be installed would have advantages over some smaller distros
[18:45:10] <klebedeff_> all these thoughts should be in the ideal world packed into 4-6 (or whatever) points, again, as short as possible, the less - the better
[18:45:14] <klebedeff_> keeping to the core
[18:45:25] <arisel> klebedeff_: what are you aiming for with these descriptions? Finding some "essence" of the distribution?
[18:45:32] <klebedeff_> exactly:)
[18:45:40] <klebedeff_> thanks for helping wording:)
[18:45:45] <arisel> ah, didn't get that in the document.
[18:45:53] <OnlyHuman> Flexible might be a good word
[18:45:54] <klebedeff_> WHY we have it?
[18:45:59] <klebedeff_> why we are unique?
[18:46:24] <OnlyHuman> that would need to be discovered
[18:46:53] <klebedeff_> the resulting short points need to be usable to describe current release (target), and the upcoming (until we decide to change the wording, if changing the direction:)
[18:47:20] <arisel> klebedeff_: I guess one of the things (which would be better described by fedya or bero, btw) is an aim on respinning and mobility (eg. arm support ;).
[18:48:25] <klebedeff_> bero?
[18:48:32] <OnlyHuman> if you provide a good friendly, useful, helpful, service, that is reliable, but not light years behind that would be good for many users
[18:48:55] <klebedeff_> fedya|2
[18:48:56] <klebedeff_> ?
[18:49:11] <klebedeff_> arisel, how you see it?
[18:49:22] <arisel> klebedeff_: quite a few decisions we took were aied towards: a) having sth which also works on other platforms, and b) better a clear portable solution and some work for the developers, than an hack. (from what I see)
[18:49:27] <klebedeff_> what is your idea, what is the most important of these things?
[18:49:28] <OnlyHuman> friendly support irc channel would be a plus as well as a good helpful forum
[18:50:10] <arisel> klebedeff_: *hmmmm*
[18:50:41] <OnlyHuman> prioritise?
[18:50:49] <klebedeff_> OnlyHuman we are targeting there
[18:51:06] <klebedeff_> the above discussed ideas are all relevant
[18:51:22] <klebedeff_> some are in place, some are target
[18:51:30] <klebedeff_> ok, let's start from the other end
[18:51:39] <klebedeff_> it is hard to discuss long texts during a meeting
[18:51:52] <klebedeff_> does anybody object to any of the points above?
[18:52:03] <klebedeff_> does anybody think they do not fit us at all?
[18:52:09] <OnlyHuman> klebedeff_: I look forward to one day being able to make a new unity-linux e17 based on opmv pkgs :)
[18:52:22] <klebedeff_> :)
[18:52:41] <arisel> klebedeff_: I guess that one thing we now really have is sth like a toolbox where due the work done on the code, paired with the means of the build system we use and the anarchism of some parts of the community it is really easy to see OpenMandriva as some kind of a tollbox. So while we provide a nice and hopefully interesting distributions, we also make it possible for other to fullfill their ideas
[18:52:43] <arisel> on the basis of OpeMandriva.
[18:52:58] <arisel> s/tollbox/toolbox :)
[18:53:30] <arisel> klebedeff_: that might also answer why a lot of people are thinking about cooperation with others.
[18:53:38] <arisel> klebedeff_: but that's just my 2-5� :)
[18:53:43] <klebedeff_> yep, this seems to be one of the drivers
[18:53:53] <klebedeff_> this weighs quite like a dollar:)
[18:54:07] <arisel> .oO(i should go investing :)
[18:54:12] <klebedeff_> hehe:)
[18:54:21] <klebedeff_> so no objections come?
[18:54:42] <arisel> klebedeff_: so if i take a look in the mopad, I can see a few points going into this direction. Maybe one can punch these down to that point.
[18:54:50] <klebedeff_> in this case other question: do we MISS anything important about us in the above points?
[18:55:52] <klebedeff_> (I already understood, that with texts it is almost impossible to fix it during meeting, even when we had a preliminary doc:) will have to reword it and give to council for last review:)
[18:55:52] VladimirRubanov [] a quitté IRC : Quit: VladimirRubanov
[18:56:07] VladimirRubanov [] a rejoint #openmandriva
[18:56:07] VladimirRubanov [] a quitté IRC : Remote host closed the connection
[18:56:14] <klebedeff_> now just need to make sure that there are no objections and nothing is missing
[18:56:22] VladimirRubanov [] a rejoint #openmandriva
[18:56:39] <klebedeff_> let's say we take a 2-3 minutes pause for this
[18:56:46] <arisel> :)
[18:56:56] <klebedeff_> please read and say if you object or want to add something
[18:57:16] <klebedeff_> (pause)
[18:57:24] <arisel> Xu_R: are you available? If so: what is your impression? You're not that close to core development, but also not extreme far away..
[18:57:33] <arisel> *get's a coffee*
[18:58:55] mdawkins [9877fffa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] a rejoint #openmandriva
[18:59:33] <jclv> To be able to discuss such a text, it could be useful to have a mean to number the lines
[19:00:42] <klebedeff_> jclv well, we all have mopad link
[19:00:47] <Xu_R> arisel: no objections so far
[19:00:49] <klebedeff_> could be done with lines as well
[19:01:08] <klebedeff_> I see the point in different - there are no objections (people reviewed the text already)
[19:01:09] <Xu_R> and it's 3, so I'm going to be definitely away... ping me on my mobile
[19:01:39] <klebedeff_> and this . and possibly new ideas (for those who did not review) needs to be checked - that's what we do now
[19:02:00] <klebedeff_> after this step it is pretty safe to make it looking nice - and it will be in line with what people think
[19:03:41] <klebedeff_> ok, let's hope arisel made his coffee:)
[19:04:39] <klebedeff_> so with this I finish the topic 1: collected ideas for motto and description get worded into nice as possible thing and go to council.
[19:04:49] <klebedeff_> the second topic is ETA
[19:05:01] <klebedeff_> (and at this point i really miss Bero:)
[19:05:02] DarkShadowKun [] a rejoint #openmandriva
[19:05:06] <arisel> .oO(I'm fine :)
[19:05:17] DarkShadowKun [] a quitté IRC : Client Quit
[19:05:18] <klebedeff_> arisel mdawkins
[19:05:30] <klebedeff_> can you please announce ETA?
[19:05:39] <klebedeff_> we need something for communication
[19:05:53] <arisel> klebedeff_: are you aiming for an ETA to put on webpages, or an ETA to work with internally?
[19:06:07] <klebedeff_> both:)
[19:06:21] <klebedeff_> (for webpages has priority, if that affects things)
[19:06:26] DarkShadowKun [] a rejoint #openmandriva
[19:06:34] Xu|Mobile [] a quitté IRC : Disconnected by services
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[19:07:55] jofazepa [] a rejoint #openmandriva
[19:08:29] <arisel> klebedeff_: I'll first answer technically, but remember that bero is the only definite source for this: We're aiming for our hopefully last major rebuilding at around weekend. From our last experience we will need another few weeks to fix things afterwards. We are also already working on stuff like artwork integration and default configurations.
[19:08:49] <arisel> klebedeff_: so from my perspective it is a matter of the quality we are aiming for.
[19:08:50] <jofazepa> hi
[19:09:09] <klebedeff_> hi Joao
[19:09:15] <klebedeff_> arisel thank you
[19:09:21] <klebedeff_> so this is internal?
[19:09:24] <klebedeff_> or?
[19:09:30] <arisel> yepp, internal.
[19:09:43] <klebedeff_> so internally, we are aiming for 15th July or so?
[19:09:47] <arisel> however, I'm fine if you destilled sth external from this :)
[19:10:22] <klebedeff_> so internally, we are aiming for 15th July or so?
[19:10:50] <klebedeff_> (externally would be 30 July then?)
[19:10:54] <arisel> klebedeff_: at least that is around what I'm aiming for. But that is still not fixed due to technical matters. We still have some major bugs we need to fix. And I don't know when who is available.
[19:11:36] <arisel> klebedeff_: would be nice if you do a talk with bero about that :)
[19:11:39] <klebedeff_> ok, I will then ask for Bero's input and make it from there
[19:11:41] <klebedeff_> :)))
[19:11:45] <arisel> klebedeff_: *g*
[19:11:57] <klebedeff_> ok, and the last point is ending of the name
[19:12:26] <klebedeff_> there exists an old communication with stallman
[19:12:33] <klebedeff_> quote:
[19:12:45] <klebedeff_> If XXX DISTRO wants to apply to be listed as a free GNU/Linux distro, we will evaluate it as usual, and we will be glad if it does qualify.
[19:12:55] <klebedeff_> Please don't call it "Linux". That is not fair to us. See and, plus for the full history.
[19:13:04] <klebedeff_> quote ends
[19:13:17] <klebedeff_> so, today there was a talk in cooker about this
[19:14:02] <klebedeff_> [16:58] <arisel> klebedeff: Choices would be "Linux", "GNU/Linux", "Linux/GNU" [16:58] <arisel> (afaik) [16:58] <klebedeff> ahha, OK, recorded:) [16:59] <mdawkins> do we really care? [16:59] <mdawkins> we could just say OMDV OS [16:59] <mdawkins> linux is the kernel [16:59] <klebedeff> we do not care:) [16:59] <arisel> mdawkins: we maybe don't really care, but people out there do.
[19:14:09] <klebedeff_> (sorry for mess)
[19:14:28] <klebedeff_> [16:59] <klebedeff> but it would be good, if all say teh same [16:59] <mdawkins> GNU is the base bin etc around the kernel [17:00] <mdawkins> and GNU really isn't any part of the bootsys anymore [17:00] <klebedeff> I mean in all related docs would be good to have same name [17:00] <arisel> mdawkins: apart from having it compiled with gcc ;)
[19:14:40] <klebedeff_> [17:00] <mdawkins> afaik udev/systemd doesn't work on anything but linux [17:00] <klebedeff> Matt, have a look, I fwd smth to your email now [17:01] <mdawkins> the argument for GNU is less true more and more as time goes on [17:01] <mdawkins> ok [17:02] <arisel> mdawkins: that's the reason I'd prefer Linux/GNU [17:02] <arisel> ;) [17:02] <mdawkins> arisel: the true argument is do we even have to call it linux [17:03] <mdawkin
[19:15:09] <klebedeff_> es the linux kernel and GNU bins [17:03] <mdawkins> just like android [17:04] <mdawkins> you don't hear anyone calling android, android GNU/Linux [17:04] <klebedeff> OMDV OS is the safest I guess
[19:15:16] <klebedeff_> quote ended
[19:15:41] <klebedeff_> suggested endings are (repeating): Choices would be "Linux", "GNU/Linux", "Linux/GNU"
[19:15:49] <jofazepa> my suggestion is Lx, OpenMandriva Lx. Simple, short, different.
[19:15:49] <klebedeff_> OMDV OS
[19:16:29] <klebedeff_> thanks Joao
[19:16:34] <klebedeff_> other thoughts, ideas?
[19:17:16] <jclv> Do we need to append something ?
[19:17:25] <arisel> LX or lX, Lx is the one we're using internally, atm.
[19:17:38] <klebedeff_> well, there is a concern about using "Linux"
[19:17:44] <jofazepa> I know. and I will just jeep it
[19:17:45] <klebedeff_> jclv
[19:17:55] <arisel> jclv: just for diffentioation betwenn the OS, the assoc, and the tools provided by OMV, it would be nice.
[19:18:08] <klebedeff_> so it is not "need to", it is expressing care and asking what people say
[19:18:10] <klebedeff_> (think)
[19:18:17] <jofazepa> easy to brand, to work with, and to detach from Oma
[19:18:34] <jofazepa> as a brand
[19:18:44] <klebedeff_> so for now OpenMandriva LX is the leader?
[19:18:44] <jofazepa> keeping connection
[19:19:00] <klebedeff_> how the version would be called?
[19:19:02] <arisel> klebedeff_: let me just check sth.
[19:19:10] <klebedeff_> OpenMandriva LX 01?:)
[19:19:38] <arisel> klebedeff_: nah, LX 2013.0
[19:19:49] <jofazepa> that's it arisel
[19:19:50] <arisel> klebedeff_: but yes, LX definitivly leads
[19:20:06] <arisel> jochen@excalibur:~ > lsb_release -d
[19:20:08] <arisel> Description: OpenMandriva LX 2013.0 alpha
[19:20:09] <arisel> :)
[19:20:15] <klebedeff_> ok, will be taken to council to fix that, but don't think there will be a fight:)
[19:20:24] <jclv> OpenMandriva LX = OpenMandriva 40 ?
[19:20:27] <arisel> klebedeff_: that would be nice :)
[19:20:32] <klebedeff_> probably tagged as "accepted" (my guess:)
[19:20:41] <rugyada> arisel: why not OM 1, 2, 3 etc ? (just asking)
[19:20:43] <jclv> s/40/60/
[19:21:01] <jofazepa> Lx is better than LX or Lx
[19:21:12] <klebedeff_> ? jofazepa
[19:21:14] <jofazepa> lx
[19:21:23] <jclv> jofazepa: +1
[19:21:30] <klebedeff_> please repeat the best one in your opinion:)
[19:21:35] <klebedeff_> lx, right?
[19:21:39] <jofazepa> first capital
[19:21:45] <jofazepa> Lx
[19:21:48] <klebedeff_> Lx is best in your op?
[19:21:50] <klebedeff_> ok
[19:21:51] <arisel> rugyada: we had a longer discussion about that quite some time a go and keeping the year.release naming scheme was the favoured one. As far as I recall it has been due to it easiest to remember for end users.
[19:22:13] <jofazepa> we can as image use the Lx and the Oma O elevated after x
[19:22:27] <rugyada> arisel: thank you, even if I disagree :)
[19:22:59] <arisel> rugyada: *g* I don't remember my personal opinion i had then. But I tend to agree with the result.
[19:23:10] <klebedeff_> ok, from my points that was pretty much it
[19:23:15] <klebedeff_> did I miss something?
[19:23:30] <klebedeff_> or anybody has a topic to discuss, while we are here?:)
[19:23:48] <jofazepa> I have to go, kids hungry
[19:23:49] arisel at least doesn't :)
[19:23:59] <arisel> jofazepa: greet them, unbeknownst to me :)
[19:24:05] <klebedeff_> jofazepa good appetite to you and family:)
[19:24:11] <jofazepa> best yo all
[19:24:14] <jofazepa> bye
[19:24:22] jofazepa [] a quitté IRC : Quit: Adeus e até ao meu regresso
[19:24:23] <rugyada> hi Joao
[19:24:29] <rugyada> too late.....
[19:24:45] <klebedeff_> ok, then chatting welcome, official meeting ends:)
[19:24:47] <jclv> Will see the og ;)
[19:24:51] <klebedeff_> thanks to all for coming
[19:25:05] <jclv> s/og/log/
[19:25:08] <arisel> was a pleasure, especially due to the official break :)
[19:25:13] <klebedeff_> (I will now have some literature staff to attend
[19:25:29] <klebedeff_> we will make that a practice:)))
[19:25:36] <klebedeff_> log, yes:)
[19:25:39] <ashlemobile> Hi
[19:25:41] <klebedeff_> Jean-Claude, you read my mind
[19:25:54] <jclv> ?
[19:25:56] <klebedeff_> if you could upload that - would be moooost appreciated!!!
[19:25:58] <jclv> Hi Raph
[19:26:04] <rugyada> ashlemobile: Raph, how are you
[19:26:06] <rugyada> ?
[19:26:16] <jclv> klebedeff_: ok :)
[19:26:17] <ashlemobile> Just back from
[19:26:47] <klebedeff_> thank you Jean-Claude:)
[19:27:00] <rugyada> hope you're well, or better :)
[19:27:13] <ashlemobile> So so :)
[19:27:20] <klebedeff_> hi Raph:)
[19:27:31] <ashlemobile> Sorry for missing the meeting
[19:27:54] <jclv> Don't worry , nothing important
[19:27:55] <klebedeff_> nobody to blame now! ( i mean for the way I did it:)))))
[19:27:55] <jclv> ;)
[19:28:06] <klebedeff_> haha
[19:28:12] <klebedeff_> thanks Jean-Claude:PP
[19:28:39] <arisel> ashlemobile: just get/stay well :)
[19:29:26] <jclv> ashlemobile: we need you !
[19:29:49] <jclv> So, you MUST get well !