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''Ref'': [[OpenMandriva TM licence EN]]
''Ref'': [[OpenMandriva TM licence EN]]

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This page contains information on official naming of OpenMandriva Association and OpenMandriva Lx products.

Association/Product Naming Guideline


While referring to the Association, you must write "OpenMandriva" or "OpenMandriva Association" (without the quotation marks).
Please note it is a one word, no space between "Open" and "Mandriva".
Also allowed shortened as "OMA".


While referring to the distribution, you must write "OpenMandriva Lx".
Also allowed shortened as "OMLx". Please note the "L" uppercase and the "x" lowercase, no space between "M" and "L" (without the quotation marks).
A release number may be appended to the product name for better identifying the distribution. Therefore you can write as an example "OpenMandriva Lx 4.0" or "OMLx 4.0".

Any use of the Mandriva brand alone without "Open" is not allowed.
Under no circumstances you will use "Mandriva" while referring to OpenMandriva Association or OpenMandriva products.
Mandriva brand and logos are owned by Mandriva SA or its legal successor.

Ref: OpenMandriva TM licence EN