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OpenMandriva Webservices Charter

This charter is established to comply with French law. It is similar in many respects to that which can be found on a majority of French web site containing forums and spaces of expression. This charter is nonetheless of paramount importance, and administrators have an obligation to enforce it (including by delegating this task to a moderation team)


Posts are moderated a posteriori, ie they are broadcast and published immediately upon validation.

In case of non observance of the rights and duties of authors (see below) or if they break the law, the contents will be deleted. OpenMandriva, the administrators and moderators do not have the obligation to prevent the message author nor the obligation to justify or give reasons for the withdrawal or removal.

Moreover, the messages containing the following words will be deleted:

  • advertising messages
  • messages containing other people's phone numbers or mailing address

Internet users can post messages they feel do not meet these Moderation rules by sending a private message to a moderator or here:

c o m @ o p e n m a n d r i v a . o r g

Rights and duties of authors

Any author retains ownership of his message and intellectual property rights pertaining thereto. Unless stated otherwise, the contents are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-SA 3.0). You are responsible for the content of your messages. As such, you must respect the laws and regulations and the rights of people. Examples of that which is forbidden (not exhaustive):

  • pedophilia
  • incitement to racial hatred
  • denial of crimes against humanity
  • incitement to murder
  • pimping
  • insult (insults, coarse, aggressive, irreverent ...)
  • defamation (imputation of an act prejudicial to the honor or reputation of the person or entity, or body to which the act is attributed)
  • Piracy (incentive to piracy, availability of pirated software or programs to fraudulent use of software)
  • Encouraging the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, ...
  • copies of private messages or correspondence (violation of secrecy of correspondence)
  • quotations from authors (excerpts from books, websites ...) However, analyzes and short quotations are possible, provided that are clearly stated the name of the author and the source, if justified by the critical, controversial , educational, scientific or informative nature of the work to which they are incorporated.

More generally, the Internet user is prohibited from:

  • Upload, post, transmit, share, store or distribute in any way on the Site, injurious, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, invasive to privacy or rights of publicity, inciting violence, racial hatred or ethnic or otherwise objectionable
  • Upload, post, transmit, share or make available on the Site any private information to a third party, such as addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers and credit card numbers
  • Intimidate or harass another
  • Upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available any other way content that would constitute or encourage a criminal act or provide instructions on how to commit, that violates a third party or is likely to liability to a third party or violate applicable local, national or international laws.

Any message or quotation of such sites is part of moderation.

Your notes or snippets of your content can be cited in particular on the different sites of OpenMandriva, including the official website, the Wiki collaborative of OpenMandriva, and the official blog of OpenMandriva.

Editing and deleting your messages

You can ask us at any time amend or delete your own posts here or by contacting a moderator, and taking care of us in the direction of the message, the nickname used, the date and time of publication and the possible correction. You can also edit your own posts via the link "edit"

Protection of personal data

Accordance with the french Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, amended by Law of 6 August 2004, you have a right to access, rectify and delete personal data concerning you. However, the complete removal of your account requires a specific request from you here:

c o m @ o p e n m a n d r i v a . o r g

For questions, or if you would like to propose amendments to these rules, please see here.

Internal rules of the webservices (forum, blog, mailing lists, bugzilla, ...)

This second part is not related to legislation, it is the Internal Rules for our web services. Specifically, these are some rules of conduct and common sense, or general information that will enable us to have a forum that keeps long and friendly community spirit:

The rules of procedure is much more flexible than the charter.

Moderators, administrators

The moderators are volunteers. They apply the charter and rules of procedure, but also participate in the lively forum. If you would like to join the moderation team, or animation / mediation, contact a moderator or an administrator.

The administrators, as representatives of OpenMandriva, have an obligation to enforce the Terms of Use of the Forum (including by adding a moderation team) and to establish and enforce these Rules. They have the power to choose the team of moderators, view information about the accounts of members (whose IP address), assign a rank (moderator, mediator, sage ...) as well as banning users ( and to lift the ban)

If you do not follow the rules of the authors (below), your comments may be edited, moved or deleted. In particular, the forum has a hidden section called "moderation" where are placed temporarily or permanently, messages that do not comply with this regulation. These messages will still be searchable by the moderators (for history) but will not be publicly accessible.

Sanctions for authors following repeated offenses or actual volunteers: infringements of the forum rules of the authors (see below) are troublesome for the running of the forums, but not within a legal framework. So moderators and administrators act according to their estimate of the situation.

Failure to observe this regulation will always be considered as involuntary by default and may be subject to a remark by a moderator, displacement or delete messages, or even a discussion between one or more moderators and the author following a protest of him. However, if a member repeatedly violated, or obviously voluntary, internal rules, the moderators may have to request a temporary ban. If repeated, it can process in a permanent ban. It is also possible to ban an IP address if someone creates multiple accounts in an intention to undermine the legitimate operation of the forum.

Regulation of the authors of the forum

  • Respect the decisions of administrators and moderators. In case of complaint or claim, contact the moderators by PM or email [link] here
  • Post your questions and comments in the section which is most appropriate. If you have doubt, contact a moderator, and we will work to clarify the items.
  • Let your comments to remain civil and courteous at all times! Constructive criticism is welcome, but insults to the site moderators or its members will never be accepted nor acceptable. Keep in mind that the moderators are volunteers who want to help.
  • Respect other forum participants. If you ask for help, answer the questions the persons who try to help you. If you find an answer for yourself, add it over to help someone else who would face a similar problem.
  • Do not pollute the forum. Avoid requests for assistance incomprehensible, in point form or SMS, mixtures of type (request for help punctuated by critics and vindictiveness), messages in duplicates, off-topic ... If you do it regularly, you may be considered as a polluter. Worse, inciting controversy, breaking distribution (either OpenMandriva or another), maintenance of fear / uncertainty / doubt (FUD) propel you in the troll category.
  • Spam is prohibited.
  • A service of Private Messages (PM) is included in the forum for all members. Use it for all your private conversations.
  • It is not possible to post images larger than 640x480, otherwise use a website thumbnail creation as
  • Do not quote if possible (read: quote another message forum) for more than a dozen lines
  • In quotations, remove the superfluous: nested quotes (quotes of quotes), images, and as much as possible unnecessary elements.
  • To report a cut, for example using the symbol "[...]" or "8 <---" or any other statement sufficiently explicit.
  • Do not quote the message above the one you write, unless the answer refers to a specific sentence or part of this message (in this case, mention only the phrase or portion thereof).
  • If you respond publicly to another member, rather than quote, made preferably precede your answer with "@ members_name" if there is no confusion on the subject. And especially if your answer is only to a short response as "quite", "not false" or "+ 1". If you feel this is necessary for understanding your answer, use the quote under the terms of the Rules.
  • The "various discussions" is completely open, but may therefore be subject to trolls. If you are allergic to the trolls, do not go near them rather than feed them.

Your decision to use this forum implies your understanding and acceptance of these rules of conduct. For questions, or if you would like to propose amendments to these rules, please see here.