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Three days of a weekend in November, for example 15th-17th.

Max money allowable

  • 7000 €
  • around 11 people including 3 intercontinental air flight + hotel

Suggestion of Agenda

Workshop: marketing strategy brainstorming

(detail: it's critical that the few time available between the Beta 1 and Beta 2, and the Final is used wisely.)

  1. Step stones from Beta 1 to Beta 2: Task assignment and Dead lines
  2. Marketing materials and Slogans
  3. Motivation and Recruitment Strategy
  4. Decision on of far will OMA go in being a Community Driven
  5. Distro: Control versus Freedom
  6. Open your Mind: Open Source development model and open source management model
  7. Analysis of team problems and gaps; management problems and gaps; etc... and find solutions. Focus on solutions not on the problems.
    1. What are the immediate needs to satisfy, what are the non immediate need to satisfy and search for ways to get it.)

Delegates suggestions

  • Rugyada
  • Joao


  1. there is a suggestion to contact the organizers of the Linux Days in prague ( maybe
  2. the tec university and arrange a small talk and presentation of OMA to them, give some DVD's to them to distribute in the univ
  3. Who would volunteer to contact these?

(KL.: once we have the release, I will organize the printing of DVDs) Once we have dates, to send a mail to the General mailing list checking for OMA users in Prague and arrange a small talk to them, and give some

DVD's as gifts.

(KL.: I will do, once we have doodle clear)

Delegates suggestions:

  • Raphael Jadot
  • Jean-Claude Vanier

Infra important topics for discussion could be:

  1. Preparations for the impending final release of OMLx: landing page, what all resources are needed, proper mirror setup, analytics setup (capturing stats for visits and downloads), etc.
  2. (maybe) A brief presentation on how our infrastructure is managed.
  3. tapwag: I would also like to have further info on infrastructure and could give some information about localisation using Transifex. Both Mandriva and ROSA use this platform to have their products available in different languages.

Delegates suggestions:

  • Anurag Bhandari
  • Maik "tapwag" Wagner (added myself to the list)

Development team (cooker)

No agenda suggestions received so far

Suggestions by arisel:

  • software perspective (Installers and core tools for the future)
  • how to deal with security
  • do's and dont's of packaging (just a small session, please ;)
  • cooker guide for newbies :)

Suggestion by ashledombos

  • Strategy about default inclusion: DE, launcher, applications
  • Communication workflow with workshop team and Council from beta to final release (and after)

Delegates suggestions:

  • Arisel
  • Bero
  • TPG
  • Robert Xu
  • MDawkins
  • Rosa representative (subject to visas and timeline issues) ===
  • One Brazil representative (looks like we will not be able to have more than 1 ticket from Brazil) Fedya (was suggested, but is not able to make it this time) (Even with visa business)


No agenda suggestions yet

Delegates suggestion:

  • Colin Close