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== Terms of service ==
== Terms of service ==
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They can be found [https://abf.io/terms-of-service here]
They can be found [https://abf.io/terms-of-service here]

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Registration on ABF

Currently the registration on ABF is very similar to registration on any other website:

  • open the link https://abf.openmandriva.org/users/sign_up
    • (if the user did not log in, the link to registration page is there on every ABF page in the upper right corner
  • enter the needed data: name, nick, email and password and press "registration"
  • wait for the email with instructions, which would contain a link to finish th registration. Normally the email comes very quick. If you do not get it for some time it is worth to check your "Spam" folder.
  • after visiting the link the registration is complete.



After creating your account you won't be directly allowed to write on the OpenMandriva repository. In order to work on a project/package you will have to either fork it into your personal repository (automatically created with your account), or start one there from scratch.

For instructions and hints about how to proceed please continue with the guide found here.

Terms of service

This article is now obsolete
must be updated

They can be found here