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One of Mandrake Linux's particular strong points was that it had strong support for many different languages and users from all over the world contributed to this classic distribution which became world famous and offered a good start in Linux for newcomers as well as a positive experience for veterans.

Localization of l10n is the translation process of text strings of a foreign language into one's native tongue. Translators should not be doing it the other way around and some actually refuse to take the kind of work of translating into a tongue which is not their native language.

The issue of having l10n came into being at the first strategic meeting of OpenMandriva in Prague. OpenMandriva contributor User:Tapwag introduced the audience to these issues and it was common consensus among contributors to have these issues taken into consideration and approached.

The web-based l10n platform called transifex.com was finally chosen to hold our language files and headcount wise l10n has grown into a strong team over the course of time.

If you are interested in submitting strings to the OpenMandriva Lx distribution our transifex.com OpenMandrivaAssociation group is the place to go to. The strings for the distribution can be found in OpenMandriva Lx respective repository as well.

L10n is also part of OpenProject from where OpenMandriva projects are coordinated. It also has its own L10n OpenMandriva OpenProject group.

With our transifex.com presence we also offer the possibility of suggesting languages we should support and that you can contribute to.

= Further translation platforms in case migration away might become necessary }

In case you don't have stedy online access, maybe during travels it might be worth getting the so called .po files which contain the strings either from transifex.com or our respective software repositories. You then might want to use graphical desktop applications such as Lokalize which is part of the KDE software collection.