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During the meeting in Prage, OpenMandriva contributor tapwag introduced the importance of localizing the OpenMandriva product to specific markets. It has been noted that the apaptation of the distribution to various language areas has always been a great asset and strength.

In Prague, Maik introduced Transifex as a possible solution to handle localisation and it has been agreed that there should be constant improvement in L10n.

Other alternatives might be the following:

For Transifex there are various options such as hosting our files on the Transifex-Website itself or having our own instance as Mandriva SA, Mageia have. The drawback of the latter solution would be that we need to take care of updating the platform itself where as with the hosted solution we would have all the latest features. As an example the instance of Mandriva SA does not include the new editor for translating texts or a review button.

There are also desktop solutions to handle l10n such as lokalize which is part of the KDE software collection.