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Any team page is incomplete without a list of its stars, dudes and bubs.


We maintain a transparent task list so everyone knows what the Infra team is busy with. Feel free to drop in your suggestions or reach out to us at om-infra.

Regular (Periodic)

  • Security checks (penetration testing) - monthly
    • SSH
    • Ports
    • Firewall
  • Update the whole server distro to new versions of installed packages - fortnightly
 sudo yum update
    • At a minimum, cherokee (nginx), php, php-fpm, mysql (mariadb) should be updated.


  • Issue tracker (now working with cherokee)
  • FTP/SSH access to Cooker devs (at least Bero) for easy uploading of ISOs to downloads.openmandriva.org
  • Build a mirror network.
  • Make sure none of our websservices have references to insecure content (CSS or JS files with http:// URLs, instead of https:// ones) to ensure they work fine in upcoming Firefox 23. [as informed to us by http://eff.org team]

medium priority

low priority


  • Wordpress
    • putting the right .mo files for portuguese (pt_PT), brazilian (pt_BR), ukranian (uk_UA), dutch (nl_NL) (jcl - may/06/2013)
  • MLs
  • MW
  • Vanilla
added a rewriting rule for open the "create account" page from the "sign in" page:
^/entry/register\?Target=.2F$ => /entry/register
discussion: this (seemed to be correct) rule :^/entry/register\?Target=%2F$, doesn't work (jcl may/10/2013)
added and enabled plugins: quote, cleditor, all viewed, flagging, emotify, split/merge,
  • Postfix works now. (jcl 2013-05-15)
  • chrooted sftp on CMS servers for maintenance (jcl - ~ may/22/2013)
  • Blog: cleaning the links, fix missign images, imported old blog posts, make the blog readable by web.archive.org (Henrique, Rugyada, jcl - End June 2013)