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The goal is to rebuild every single OMV package, regardless of content, before the OMV Feature Freeze.


  • Need to update version to 2015.0.
  • Need to update toolchain (gcc)


Given the changes required for the above features and the given schedules, TC will queue ABF rebuilds on or about a week before the freeze.

Opting Out

No opt-out is permitted, except with extraordinary circumstances (proposal-documented).

Maintainer Actions

  • Maintainers that wish to do their own builds should read the Opting Out section.
  • Maintainers can help this effort by ensuring rpmdev-bumpspec correctly bumps your package's spec files.
  • Maintainers should ensure that their packages currently build from source.
  • Maintainers should ensure that there are no unwanted changes committed to git but not built yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my own build "count" for the rebuild?

After the updated toolchain.

Will the rebuilds be ordered?

Currently there is no plan to logically order the rebuilds based on deps. The ordering will be alphanumerical based on package name. There are no planned ABI/soname changes that would require logical build ordering. Further, all the builds will be kept in a special container until the whole run is done, and then they will be published in one shot to minimize the shuffle of buildroot contents during the rebuilds.


Questions/comments/concerns should be directed to TC.