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Gold level donator: NTCIT "ROSA" company
Donator: Danny Niedrig
[[File:Rosa site logo.png|100px|thumb|left|[http://www.rosalab.com/ Gold level: NTCIT "ROSA" company]]]
[[File:Empty logo.png|100px|thumb|left|Danny Niedrig]]
[[File:PoliLinux logo 300x300.jpg|100px|thumb|left|]]
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[[Category:Strategic planning]]

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We, at OpenMandriva, enjoy working to bring to you a first-class and well-maintained Linux distribution. We work passionately as part of and for a thriving open source community. As we are not a commercial organization, we do not do paid work and contribute to the project in our free time. You can support us financially by donating: your contribution could be as little as buying us a glass of beer to as much as being enough to make you qualify as a sponsor.

We've defined the various donations levels at OpenMandriva as below (all figures in Euros):

  • Bronze € 1,000 to € 4,999
  • Silver € 5,000 to € 14,999
  • Gold € 15,000 to € 49,999
  • Platinum € 50,000 and over

So if you like OpenMandriva and appreciate our work, go ahead and show your love by donating through the button below. If you're interested in becoming a sponsor, please contact us at council@openmandriva.org

The donation can also be displayed on our wiki and on our landing page, if you wish.

If a donator agrees, we are glad to display the name on this page. When you make a donation, please specify, if you wish your name to be open or not. At the same time we always respect, if you wish to stay anonymous, as many supporters do for their own reasons.


Danny Niedrig
PoliLinux logo 300x300.jpg