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Currently, Unstable is the defacto Cooker distribution. It is almost guaranteed that this may break your system, and as such should never be used in production.

To use its repositories, run the following command:

urpmi.addmedia --distrib Unstable[ARCH]/

Replace [ARCH] with your architecture, e.g. i586 or x86_64.

You should not need to install any new signing keys, as the repository is signed with the official OpenMandriva key. If you get any prompt that the keys are not the same, STOP and notify the Cooker mailing list.

Debug Packages

We separate debugger information into seperate repositories so that users do not have to be bombarded by unfamiliar packages that are usually not necessary to run. If you need them, however (for example, for development purposes), you may add the debuginfo repositories with the following commands:

urpmi.addmedia Unstable_Main_Debuginfo[ARCH]/debug_main/release/
urpmi.addmedia Unstable_Contrib_Debuginfo[ARCH]/debug_contrib/release/

Again, replace [ARCH] with your architecture, e.g. i586 or x86_64.