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Welcome to OpenMandriva Cooker

Cooker is the development distribution for OpenMandriva. It reflects the current progress of work among all lines, and is considered a moving and unstable target.

Beginning Technical Pages

These are the beginning technical documentation pages for Cooker. As time goes on, we will move and integrate them into the Cooker team area.


We are found in #openmandriva-cooker at Freenode, and in the om-cooker mailinglist.

We generally aren't Technical Support, so please use the bug tracker for that. But if you like to contribute or have technical interest or deep technical questions you will receive a warm welcome.

Communication guidelines

IRC channel and Mailinglist are for OpenMandriva technical communication and discussion only. While it's totally ok to ask for technical information there, the following behaviour may be seen as against om-cooker's netiquette and may set you on moderated or expelled from the list or channel:

  • fighting personal discussions
    • the topic is technical development of OMV, nothing else
  • flooding the list with software requests
    • having a request once a while is ok, but normally the bugtracker should be used for making such requests
  • leaving the scope of OpenMandriva.
    • there are other lists for other software projects, use them if needed.
  • ignoring the general netiquette, eg. meaning you should:
    • be nice to each other, try to not directly blame other people in public.
    • do post in readable English text. Most people aren't native speakers, so try to write in plain and easily understandable English.
    • do not comment just to comment. Give your statement when it's worthy for the discussion.