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We are glad that you finally decided to help us developing OpenMandriva and prodivig people best GNU/Linux experience. Please follow below instructions which will help you easily understand how to start contributing.

General information

We are communicating through our IRC channel and mailing lists. We strongly recommend to you to follow two simple steps below:

I want to help you

I want to help improving translations

I want to help with maintaining software

Our main development platform is ABF, which is a distributed environment for building and maintaining software packages and constructing distributions. More information you can find here.

If you want to help us with maintaining software please follow below steps:

Feel free to build or update any program you like in our distribution.

If you don't know that program to build/update but still want to build something then you can:

  • ask in cooker mailing list or in IRC about particular tasks
  • take a look at our Updates Builder Statistics - this page contains packages that Updates Builder bot tried to update automatically. You can help this bot with failed packages
  • install and run mib-report tool which will allow you to compare package versions in our distribution with upstream and other system and update any outdated program you like.

I want to help you with Artwork

I want to help you with maintaining infrastructure

I want to help you with other tasks