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<!-- p.s. Teams be on " Teams, Developers, Artwork ,Admins, Moderators and all Teams and their Leaders " This page it is for uploading Artwork and the rules and diffrent other artwork who it is in and around the Distro and Association, everything just worked out what was on graphic for different things, just the Artworkers Grahics -->
* [[Artwork/omicons|Officially OpenMandriva Logo/Color variazion]]
* [[Artwork/omcolors|Officially OpenMandriva OpenMandriva Style Sheet Font/Colors ]]
* [[Artwork/omwallpapers|Officially OpenMandriva Wallpapers]] / The Picturegalerie is come for all OpenmandrivaUsers
* [[Artwork/omthemes|Officially OpenMandriva Themes (icons, Design of boottheme/playmouth/KDE/Gnome and other]] / <br>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Other Themes can you get by [http://KDE-Look.org KDE-Look.org],[http://Gnome-Look.org Gnome-Look.org] and other Themes pages
== Logo color variation ==
== Logo color variation ==

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Logo color variation

#1#1 #2#2
#3#3 #4#4

  • #1 new cool logo with gradient, trasparent background
  • #2 without shadow, white background
  • #3 little shadow 1x1, white background
  • #4 more shadow 3x3, white background

rugyada (talk) 12:27, 24 April 2013 (UTC)

Gradient color

OMA-logo variation22042013.png

Oma-style-sheet-logo 24052013.png

OpenMandriva Style Sheet Font

Oma-style-sheet-font 24052013.png