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[[File:Warn01.png]] Please read the current [[4.0/Beta/Release Notes|Beta release notes]]
[[File:Warn01.png]] Please read the current [[4.0/RC/Release Notes|RC release notes]]

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Warn01.png Please read the current RC release notes

It is recommended that you read the latest release notes on our wiki.

OpenMandriva Lx 4.0

The OpenMandriva Lx teams are pleased to announce the availability of OpenMandriva Lx 4.0!

Detailed below are some of the advances that the distribution has incorporated since OpenMandriva Lx 3.03.


Available Media

Warn01.pngThis section is a work in progress and changes can and will be made as develpment of OM Lx 4 proceeds.

This release is available as a live media DVD, downloadable in ISO format. These are available on our downloads page.

Live media means you are able to run OpenMandriva Lx straight from a DVD or memory stick (see below) and try it before installing it. You may also install the system to hard disk either from the running live image or from the boot manager.

Available ISO files are:

1. KDE Plasma desktop only full featured (includes the most common used functionalities, multimedia and office software.)

2. LXQt desktop only somewhat full featured (includes many applications but lighter on memory and disk space usage.)

3. Basic GUI with minimal desktop and only basic system packages and a web browser.
The concept is for user to then install only packages they wish to use after installing basic system. Also for users with less robust hardware.



Helping the Project

The OpenMandriva development teams (Cooker & QA) are always looking for new contributors to assist in creating and maintaining packages and to assist bugfixing and testing. You are welcome to join us and help us in this work which is not only rewarding but also tremendous fun!

If you feel that your talents do not lie in the realm of software, then the OpenMandriva Workshop group, which is made up from the artwork, documentation, translation and Communication teams, is always open for the submissions of artwork and translations. New contributors who would like to help with these wide-ranging tasks should see the wiki for more details, and to learn how to join! Alternatively you may use our Forum.

It also costs time and money to keep our servers up and running. If you can, please donate to keep the lights on!


See 4.0/Errata.