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OpenMandriva 4.0 RC version

This is the RC version of next OpenMandriva Lx 4.0.

It is recommended that you read the latest release notes on our wiki.

You can download it following this link.

Changes since previous beta

Some key toolchain packages (clang 8.0, glibc 2.29, gcc 9.1, ...) have been updated and all packages have been rebuilt with the new toolchain for better performance.
In particular the znver1 build should see some performance improvements.
The Java stack has been updated to OpenJDK 12, and with better support for Java Modules (including rpm dependency autogeneration for them).
LibreOffice has been updated and its KDE Plasma integration is now fully enabled by default.
Qt and all Plasma components and various other packages have been updated to current versions. QtWebEngine has been synced with the current Qt beta release to get the benefits of the newer Chromium base.
The K menu has been rearranged for improved usability.
Python 2.x has been dropped from the default installation, but for now continues to be available in the repositories for legacy applications.


This is a RC product, and it is not aimed to be used in a production environment. It is released for testing and bug hunting. It may have problems. If you download and test this product, please report your findings and problems in the forum and in our issue tracking system. Thank you very much.

Release Notes and Errata