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OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 Alpha Errata - Known Issues

OpenMandriva Lx 4.0 is a new release. In order to keep current with latest changes in Linux, computer security issues, and computer code writing there are major changes in OM Lx4.

As with any release, there are still issues and bugs that may not have been resolved. This page documents known issues that may cause inconvenience and where possible details how they may be worked around.

It is recommended that you read the latest release notes on our wiki.


This is an alpha product, and it is not aimed to be used in a production environment. It is released for testing and bug hunting. It can, and probably will, have problems. If you download and test this product, please report your findings and problems in the forum and in our issue tracking system. Thank you very much.

Boot to live mode or to installed system is very slow in VirtualBox or real hardware

At Alpha stage, currently ISO might boot to a black screen in VirtualBox, or in real hardware depending on your hardware, looking like a not working system. Actually it is just taking a very long time before sddm is displayed.

For the time being, workaround is to switch to a virtual terminal for 1 or 2 seconds and back, in VirtualBox (Alt+F2, Alt+F1). If you encounter this on hardware the trick is the same.


It is normal for not everything about printing to be working in an Alpha release. We can expect most if not all of this to be fixed by RC release. However, testing and reporting helps developers to know what to fix. Also testing and reporting is the only way to discover problems with specific hardware. So everyone please do test this.

As of 2018-12-23 for printing utilities to work user will need to update their system after installing. To update system open Konsole and run:

   sudo dnf --refresh upgrade

System Settings>Printers (kcmshell5 kcm_printer_manager), system-config-printer, and CUPS/localhost:631 are all working after updating system.

For users with HP printers/scanners HP Printer Management Application aka: HP Device Manager (hp-toolbox, hp-*, hplip) is working.

Showfoto, Digikam, XSane, Skanlite

There are missing dependencies for these and a few other packages. To correct this users need to update their system. To update open Konsole and run:

   sudo dnf --refresh upgrade

After updating these packages should open and work normally. Bug small.png Bug #2391

For Alpha release there is no support for proprietary graphic drivers

In future releases when proprietary graphic driver packages are available user will need to install these from command line.

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

This release includes the reverse engineered nouveau driver, which gives moderately good support for most NVIDIA cards. For some dual-screen work it is actually better than NVIDIA binary driver as it supports screen rotation on a second monitor, which is useful for monitors with rotatable screens.

If user needs the NVIDIA proprietary driver it is not available in Lx 4 Alpha so they will have to install driver from NVIDIA website. [1]

When these drivers do become available in later releases user will need to install and configure these from command line.

Why doesn't urpmi work?

Major changes for OM Lx 4 include switching from rpm5/URPMI to rpm.org/DNF for package management. This will require users to get used to new commands if they use command line, DNF. There is an overlay package for those used to urpmi/urpme called dnf-URPM. It will translate a lot of the more common urpmi and urpme command to dnf while users get use to the dnf commands. This is meant to be a transition package while users get used to dnf. This package will need to be installed by user. To install dnf-URPM open Konsole and run:

   sudo dnf install dnf-URPM

Where did OMCC/drakconf Control Center tool go?

In a major step forward OMCC/drakconf and drakxtools will be replaced with newer, more up to date, software. The first step in this process is dnfdragora available for user testing on the Lx 4.0 Alpha1 release. To test dnfdragora user will need to install it. To install dnfdragora open Konsole and run:

   sudo dnf install dnfdragora 

dnfdragora is a replacement for rpmdrake. More software will be added to upcoming releases. Also Discover is working with dnf.

LibreOffice missing of libreoffice-kde5 package

libreoffice-kde5 is not installed by default in Alpha1, currently is optional because it has stability issues. Please update to LO 6.2 and install the libreoffice-kde5 package.