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Place to gather ideas and specifications for 2014.0 release

How to submit ideas

Just put it here i hope it someday move to bugzilla.

Distribution Core

Kernel and hardware support

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Build some fancy kernel 3.1[345].x with cool features. (accepted) TPG 0%
Disable CONFIG_VT and use kmscon. (pre-accepted) TPG 0%


ON HOLD for next TC where final decision will be made

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Recompile all packages from repositories supported by OMV. TPG 0%
Provide a working KDE environment. TPG 0%
Create working Image. TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Build i686 optimized packages. Or, have qa to make proper tests to ensure we have a kernel that boots on pre i686 as well as kde et all works (hint amd geode). TPG No GO for this feature for 2014.0


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
X32 could be an option. Otherwise nothing needs to be changed for x86_64, most important bits are already in glibc with runtime optimized functions based on cpu features. pcpa NO GO for this feature for 2014.0
By default enable compiling programs with -msse, -msse2, -msse3, -march=, -mfpmath=sse (note that this will break pre-2005 hardware... But I presume people on that can just use the 32 bit version TPG NO GO for this feature for 2014.0

Boot process

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
We keep systemd 208 because newer versions are huge breakagae. Only provide bugfixes TPG 0%
Provide dracut at max 035 version TPG 0%
Update initscripts to 9.50 TPG 0%

Compiler support

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Update gcc to 4.9.0. TPG NO GO for this feature for 2014.0
Update gcc to 4.8.x. TPG NO GO for this feature for 2014.0


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Update xserver to 1.15.x stable version also update xorg stack TPG TPG 0%
Update Mesa to 10.x. bero 0%

Other low level software (binutuls, coreutils, glibc...)

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
uClibc status ? Either we move on with it or remove support. Possibly replace with musl, it is slightly smaller, significantly faster, and has some binary compatibility with glibc, so should be less of a headache TPG/bero(musl) 0%
Do not break anything. TPG 0%
Update perl to 5.18.x version. TPG 0%
Update util-linux to 2.24.x version. TPG 0%
Update coreutils to 8.22 version. TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Add support for realmd TPG TPG 0%
Add support for firewald TPG 0%
Update wpa_supplicant to 2.x version TPG 0%
Update WIFI support stack to newest versions TPG 0%
Update iptables - make them work again TPG 0%
Update shorewall - make it work again TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Provide a new artwork, quite different colours than ROSA's. TPG 0%
New KDE theme. TPG 0%
New plymouth theme . TPG 0%
New grub2 theme . TPG 0%

Package management

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Merge all rpm patches into upstream. TPG 0%
Move rpmdb to db 6.0, drop db 5.2 and 5.3 so we only have to maintain 1 version bero 0%
Move unmaintained software from main to contrib repo. TPG 0%
Ensure that all repos are free of packages with invalid keys. itchka 0%
Ensure that all 64b repos have the same packages (with the same version) as 32b repos jcl 0%

Graphical desktop environment


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Update to stable KDE 4.12.x. TPG 0%
Feature more KDE apps rather than ROSA's. TPG 0%
Feature QupZilla in favor of Firefox. TPG 0%
Use different themes instead of ROSA's. TPG 0%
Fix mess with KDE config files (mandriva-kde4-config). TPG 0%
Use Qt-5.2.x stable release TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Provide a method for download and installation of the DVD libraries itchka 0%
Be sure that MTP protocol is supported (Nicco had problems with his LG mobile not being recognized as a mass memory storage) TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Ensure the 1.5 Version of Scribus is shipped itchka 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Update hplip to 3.13.13. TPG 0%
Update cups to 1.7.1 stable release. TPG 0%
Update s-c-p to bugfixing release. TPG 0%

Policy for others environments

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Discussion for supporting GNOME. TPG 0%
Discussion for supporting one (or more) light graphical environment. TPG 0%

Drakx tools

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Screenshots of the programs in the package manager. Guilhermems 0%
Fix Xfdrake's recognition function for graphics cards. TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Provide some nice and easy installation tool for users. TPG 0%
Make it available to install OMV from www site to usb drive. (one click to install on usb) TPG 0%
Have reliable working UEFI support arisel  ??? 0%
Replace livecd-tools with something that supports unionfs/aufs/overlayfs instead of dm, doesn't rely on yum, supports UEFI, ... bero 10%
Use directfb instead of X11 TPG 0%
Allow installation of boot manager on root partition jcl 0%

ISO build

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Clean up iso-build-tools (scripts are garbaged) TPG 0%
Provide minimal ISO (without X and any DE - just simple boot to console) TPG 0%
Use unionfs or any other instead of dm TPG 0%
Provide original Rescue System itchka 0%
Support for locallly built isos with a chroot the allows updating rather than reloading itchka 0%
Add by default all repositories (for 64bit add 32bit main repos) TPG 0%


Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Any ideas ? TPG 0%

Build System

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Any ideas ? TPG 0%
Institute automated interface for Bugzilla to release updates by voting itchka 0%
Better support to allow the finding and grouping of "Publish to QA" Packages itchka 0%
Use ABF's maintainers db with OMV bugzilla to auto assign bugs to maintainers TPG 0%
Add aarch64 support to ABF fedya 0%

End user orientation

Suggestion Author(s) Responsible Status
Provide a simple "HOWTO" explaining in easy way how submit bugs and provide useable information TPG 0%
Add on KDE desktop activators to OMV site, google services (maps, translate etc.) TPG 0%
Add to the release notes a list of major features that are not yet provided (eg for 2013: UEFI, installation of grub2 on root partition, ...) jcl 0%