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How to Use the ABF Build System

Here's a guide for using ABF it's not comprehensive but gives general instructions for the creation, building and updating of package packages using both the online and local tools.

What is ABF

ABF is a modern distributed build farm which uses git and LXC containers to build rpm based packages. ABF has several interfaces, a web interface to allow package building and repository management; a remote console client for interface with the the git repository and the source code filestore. An alternate interface to build rpms ina convenient way for debugging and patching.

800px-Abf erd.png

Let's look at some of the main innovations incorporated into ABF. Working from the left of the diagram you'll notice two repositories a User personal repo and a Group personal repo These two repos have different uses. The User personal repository is a location used to hold packages that belong to the user exclusively whilst the Group personal repository is used to contain packages that are collectively owned by a group of people (Most commonly a distribution in this case Openmandriva). As we move to the right we see the user and group routing blocks and then we reach the Project

The Project is the core concepts of the system