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Welcome everybody

Personal Evidence

  • Name: Tomasz Paweł Gajc
  • Age: 30
  • Country: Poland
  • City: Warsaw
  • E-mail: tpgxyz (at) gmail (dot) com
  • IRC: _TPG @
  • Interest: GNU/Linux, chemistry, physics, history, philosophy, billards, icehockey, football, Enemy Territory and last but not least - girls.


I've been a Linux user since early 2002. My first Linux distribution was knoppix, i've installed it only for testing and to get know how an alternative to Windows operating system works. Afer a few distibutions change i tried Mandrake 10.0, and that was the bull's eye shot.

Mandriva's Linux contributor - mostly in charge of low level software ( i.e. systemd, dracut, elfutils, kbd, coreutils, iputils) also a Xfce, and some fancy scientifict applications maintainer.


If you really need me that badly you can reach me via my e-mail or irc