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German / de-DE / Alleman

born : 71'

Became 86 a Schneider CPC 464 + Color monitor and Datatape

1994 At the Computers

a Frend, AkiraGP was my Mentor and is always still on the move in the network ! AkiraGP an C=64 Dude, MSDos 5.0/6.0 and up

0X work less and enough time for making much experiences *vbeg* had become much Frends over Telnet in the "Tuboff Box" in GP and
on the "Birdland" with my first telescard (nope, not the one from AVM the other one *g*)

  • 1996 learned html

had the Disks from Linus in the Hand, Linux 1.0 !!
but.. formated :\ for .. no, trust me, don't like to say *s*

  • startet with Linux with Suse 4.3
  • Schadt Computertechnik 1998 Deputy Branch Manager
  • 30.10.99 FachHochschule Goeppingen Germany Linux over 20 Howers - My Real Start in Linux
  • MandrakeUser since 99' November/December

   Mandrake 6.1

  • 1999 Learned PHP Scripting in Linuxforum
  • Gnu Linuxforum 1999/2000-2006/2007
My first MDK6.1
MDK 7.1
MDK 8.0

On this place Greetings to Marc Ulrich from Puppy ,

On this place Greetings to the Pesthorns , CCC Germany

Was on LinuxDay 2000 in Stuttgart / Germany
Was on LinuxDay 2001 in Stuttgart / Germany

  • 2007 wander around and try out different.. i've noticed/realize of the fork Mageia,

but found it in my feeling not right..therefore I have not used it..

  • 2012 - ask Jean Manuel Croset around for Rebuilding the Community for a Stay Alone "M"-linux

cool, my " The Early History " with dos and so on was the same like Gaël Duval! :)
had a cool Dude on my Side, names was/Is AkiraGP he is a C64 Geek
and works today in diffret Systems, he was my helping Hand to
come in the Computers..
later i did make a Storekeeper and Warehouseman schooling/Training on a 8088 + Dos 5.0 on Disk ! 8)
Mr. Kaminik my instructor on this time in Germany.

i never forget a real Frend !

Hobby's : Aquaristic, Betriebsystem/Orderingsystems , Software.. all around of it..

my web, Pizzaaaa... and at all what make fun ..

Skills: from all a bit.. i can walk in the net.. can what i need..
a bit scripting, a bit html, a bit php and bit from this and a bit from there..
( I have to tell you all here and spoil the surprise ? )
i let me self Surprice.. beause.. i be a Autodidact ..
.. with more as 18 Jears on the net.. there want be lern a bit..
( maybe i can programming a bit in pascal, c c++ c# at all by hand.. maybe )
( maybe i can be a lord .. maybe .. but all who to much freaked out be dedicated to the dead .. maybe )

best regards