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This is the one-stop shop for all contributors! All documentation by teams are made here, and all contributors are advised to document their work in the respective namespaces.

If you want to become a contributor, now's never been better! Browse around the team portals, and stop by the Job Centre to join a team or look for openings.

Box download.png Cooker
The powerhouse of the distribution - Development Team.
L10n.png Localization
Translating our work into your language.
Mod.png Moderation
Keeping the community friendly, and providing support.
Glass.png Quality Assurance
Monitors the distribution for any issues.

Workshop2.png Workshop
In addition, we have the Workshop, which is the group that manages all the following teams:

Chart 3.png Artwork
Artwork, Themes, and more for OpenMandriva.
Comm.png Communication
Press Releases and Announcements.
Doc.png Documentation
Creating and maintaining manuals and procedures.
Star.png Infrastructure
Keeping the lights on within OpenMandriva.