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This page is not a sandbox!
You may create a new sandbox with the Sandbox: prefix, or simply create a page under your user space.

The Sandbox area is the space where articles which are not up to wiki standards, but may have useful information, are kept.
Additionally, articles which are designed for testing and experimenting with wiki syntax are kept here.

Each article is put under the Sandbox namespace, and may be moved out when it meets wiki standards.
Please be aware that articles under this namespace may be wiped without any prior notification; although this is rare.

The Sandbox was created as a place with fewer rules and policies than other pages on the OM wiki.

A good example of the Sandbox is as follows (from the Wikipedia sandbox):

For example, you don't have to follow the Manual of Style or reach community consensus before making a major change. However, it must not be used for malicious purposes, and policies such as no personal attacks, civility, and copyrights (such as non-free content criteria) still apply.

User Sandbox

If you wish to play around or make articles before moving them to the main wiki without the possibility of losing them, you should use your user namespace, like User:JohnDoe/MySandBoxPage. Keep in mind that the OM wiki does not keep track of these links, and you should bookmark them.