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This is (future) name list to be completed before the next poll. Feel free to modify anything you like, keeping in mind that the name should obey to some rules (they can be modified too)

The list is shown as paragraphs easily and individually editable, so everyone can add comments, especially if the name is to be removed (please give the reason why). Of course, you can add a new name by editing all the "LIST".


The list will be open until 26 of April 23:59 UTC after that the List will be evaluated for problematic names regarding legal issues and branding.

Proposed rules

  • no trademark infrigement (obvious)
  • no mandriva inside except openMandriva ("Mandriva" is owned by Mandriva SA)
  • not using the same name as any other OS (linux or not)
  • no more than "x" syllable ("x" to be fixed : 4 ?)
  • not being suggestive or offensive in at least all countries we can now (we are serious ;)
  • Not to much english-tainted word (as universal as possible)
  • easy to pronounce without distortion in language with less sound such as chinese, japanese, arabian (don't know those tongues but if you do ...)



  • it means first light of the day, a new day is born
  • Makes remind about ROSA (Dew in Russian) --Rjadot (talk) 22:14, 22 November 2012 (UTC)
  • A poem or love song, typically about the parting of lovers at dawn.
  • Whitish nerve tissue, especially of the brain and spinal cord, chiefly composed of myelinated nerve fibers and containing few or no neuronal cell bodies or dendrites.
  • Is a brand name of Fisher & Paykel white ware.


Continuation of the old Ark Linux project that has been merged into ours
Cons: Was never a well-known project; room for confusion with Arch Linux


"Arlésienne is a person, a principal subject about which one speaks, but that one never sees (as in the news of Daudet, In french we are used to say "Jouer l'Arlésienne" that means to "play the Arlesian". By extension, it became a type of character of fiction."

See that page. (Jclvanier (talk))


What we need right now :)
Etymology: From Old French harmonie, armonie, from Latin harmonia, from Ancient Greek ἁρμονία (harmonia, “joint, union, agreement, concord of sounds”).

  • Variant: harmonie, armonie, harmonia



In English is a variation from Aurora. Also in Portuguese means made of Gold, or "from gold". Aurea Linux could have a soft connection with the star, from both those meanings and also maintain a easy spelling name.

some workaround with the artwork [1]


Chwido, Chwidox, Chwidux

Reference to our mascot

CNS Linux:

An abbriviation standing for "Cooker Never Sleeps" referring to the different timezones we work in. See also: - Maybe also something like "Global Linux" (might be a bit too exaggerated but I liked the idea of a "global distribution" referred to in the Mandriva 2011 installer)



cons: 5 syllables May be associated with Communist in the US


cons: con in french is a kind of insult.

I don't like Condrake, but I don't see "con" in it. I rather see "cond" like "conduire" (conduct), like a leader in a flight of ducks Jcl vanier (talk) 23:18, 22 November 2012 (UTC)

Also in English: conman, being conned, ...

Perhaps can be CondDrake to be close to what Jcl say BlogDrake


The name of the dev branch of Mandriva, could be used as name of the Association Distribution also.


A made up name which is an anagram of Gael Duval the founder and creator of Mandrake Linux.


  • The sound reminds Drake from mandrake.
  • The tree is a good symbol for stability, life, roots, ecosystem, interaction with environment... The dracaena can live and survive in harsh environments (deserts, jungle), alone or in forest, or live in appartment (versatility). It's also listed by the NASA as one of the few air-filtering plants.
  • It can be interesting to use species names as release name (there are many beautiful names) :
    • Lucky Bamboo
    • Gold Dust
    • Reflexa
    • Draco
    • Americana
    • Bicolor
    • Bois de chandelle (Candle Wood)
    • India's Song
    • Belgian Evergreen
    • Dragon Blood
    • Gran Canaria
    • Dragonnier (Dragon rider)
    • Fragrans
    • ...
  • Nice pictures here :
  • Dracaena is also a kind of caiman lezard
  • Variants: Drakaena


Drakkar is a french word for fabulous Viking ship.

Contrary to what one might think, the word Drakkar doesn't mean boat but is derived from the Scandinavian "Drake", Dragon (and not the Norse "Dreki" or "Drekar" which also means "Dragon"). Indeed, legend often include an effigy of a Dragon in Scandinavian ships' bow. However, the term was not used by the Vikings, and does not exist in ancient or modern Scandinavian languages​​. It is a barbarism introduced in the French language in the nineteenth century to describe the Viking ships from the Middle Ages, the French word originally used, snekkja, was again an error because the meaning of "Snake" is closer to Jormungandr than to dragon...

[2] translated by rjadot

Possible issues with:

=> Drak'car <=?=> Omni'Bus Jcl vanier (talk) 15:10, 22 November 2012 (UTC)

Drak'car look fine, i don't found issues with it BlogDrake


Do Right And Keep Everything

DRAKE: English surname transferred to forename use, having several possible origins: 1) from the byname Draca, meaning "snake" or "dragon." 2) from Middle English drake, meaning "male duck." 3) from Old Norse Draki, meaning "snake" or "monster." [6]

1. the male of any duck 2. angling an artificial fly resembling a mayfly 3. history a small cannon 4. an obsolete word for dragon

  • Too generic, and most certainly a name that we'll get difficulties establishing our own identity and brand from, where simply just getting the domain names for would be a difficult/costly enough task by it's own


This and Drake maybe have issues with this guy [7]

Also already used as distro name


Too close to DrakeOS


Too close to DrakeOS




Relates to Aeon or Aion and means the life or for all eternity. It also sound like e (electronic) on (turned on). May conflict with one of Germany's biggest power companies: - one of the other spellings should be fine.

some play with the name artwork [8]

May be confused also with EysOfNetwork EON Linux

Warning : chevalier d'Eon, a french transsexual spy (18th century)


It means forever, to eternity. Same as EON or AION. It's short and with easy spelling, also has a good meaning, this will be the distro we will use "for all eterninty". Long lasting, the Driving Force.

Mote information at wikipedia [9]

Using OMA artwork example [10] [11]


  • The Italian for joy, it means the feeling of happiness along with enthusiasm
  • It means also a jewel at large - term less used


  • sounds good like 'FreeBSD'



  • Very short, can be called Kai project
  • In Japanese, The term 'Kai' in Japanese means 'restoration or recovery'[1] among others.[2], ocean (海), or shell (貝)
  • In North Germanic languages, Kai means "keeper of the keys; earth". In Germanic languages, Kai means quay or safe harbor.
  • it has tons of good vibe to it
  • In Swahilli, Kai means "loveable", and is given to a baby of female gender
  • In Star Trek, the leader of the Bajoran religion
  • In Maori (New Zealand) it means food.

-- Kai Project is already exist, look


There are many different ways Qilin have been described. Some think of them as a rare form of unicorn; others have described it as a creature that has the head of a dragon and a body of tiger with scales. Others see it as a creature with a single horn on its forehead, a multicolored back, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, and with the tail of an ox.

Although it looks fearsome, the Qilin only punishes the wicked. It can walk on grass yet not trample the blades, and it can also walk on water. As it is a peaceful creature, its diet does not include flesh. It takes great care when it walks never to harm or tread on any living thing, and it is said to appear only in areas ruled by a wise and benevolent leader (some say even if this area is only a house). It is normally gentle but can become fierce if a pure person is threatened by a sinner, spouting flames from its mouth and exercising other fearsome powers that vary from story to story.

Meanwhile, Kylin OS has become a variant of Ubuntu.

Already taken: may have serious issues with Kirin Holdings (an Japanese company)


  • color
  • variants: liila lilaa lilas
  • simple to pronounce


  • From movie Bernie Lomax
  • Asking for trademark trouble (remember Mandrake the Magician?)


proposed by Viking60 in the forum here. Jcl vanier (talk)

Can be Magdriva? (to avoid issues with apple) BlogDrake


  • Contraction of Man(driv)a
  • Wikipedia definition "It has commonly been interpreted as "the stuff of which magic is formed," as well as the substance of which souls are made."
  • Need input from Russians: too close to Manda?
  • In Maori (New Zealand) means power or authority.


  • Never forget your roots, but unlike the name OpenMandriva it doesn't carry the burden of the past nor future on your back
  • The addition of '-X' emphasises the use of the user friendly X environment
  • Need input from Russians: too close to Manda?

ManDra Linux:

  • Never forget your roots, but unlike the name OpenMandriva it doesn't carry the burden of the past nor future on your back
  • Need input from Russians: too close to Manda?
  • maybe have issue with Mandra (Indonesian Artist):


  • Old Style Name / Back to the Roots
  • Manuals + Drakconf
  • comes on the Old Names "Mandrake" at nears
  • the name it is a part of back detection/re-, identification and back coming and have a rebuild up or like it can say we shold not take a other Name if is possible if we can take ManDrak .
  • Manpages Drakconf , all what a Good Running RPM-Distro for Enduser must have and this are reflected the name for it .. and it is a easyest for remember..
  • Please let at all in this sense use this name in us past and for the Future for our Distriebution from Gaël Duval ! and if we have one to learn, then, in of our past Friends !
  • Let look ever if we say the name ManDrak where now the "e" is missing after all the time.. and why ? IT's taken from the Factory.. of a hostile takeover ! This is the best way, to never forget !
Know, the magic time it is away, now it is the knowing time to come.. be to you for sure ! If we walk together this way !


Too close with mandrake BlogDrake


  • mandrivian = mandriva users
  • not breaking the Mandriva trademark,
  • close enought to "Mandriva", so a new user will get the point that this is the Mandriva Linux legacy


  • In old latin (pronounced mané) it means early morning.
  • In english hair around lions or horses.
  • An island in antarctic.


  • Mand(riva/rake) Lin(ux).
  • Easy to pronounce, and at first glance, no obscene meaning in any language.
  • An old chord instrument from italian renaissance (we can find easily logs and even sounds)


  • French ancestor of Mandolin


  • The name of a red giant Star
  • aka Omicron Ceti, or o Ceti


  • Let's give this one to POK's project, he deserves it even if some of us are rightfully upset
  • Good name the wizard of the Moon
  • As Gael Duval said Mandrake is Magic and the Moon is often associated with magic (Moon Magic). Also Moondrake reminds the distro origins (the 'Mandrake' community) and the OpenMandriva logo resembles a moon (draft for a logo using the OpenMandriva logo)
  • Name is favoured by majority of old timers who's either previously been involved with the distribution or those who still are and have been since the "Mandrake" era.

This could help us get more old users and contributors returning,

    • Theming picked for upcoming release is very much consistent with the vision of the theming, where as we don't get to keep neither the trademark nor logo, we have to really grab on to whatever rest we have available to us from our well established branding otherwise (ie. like "The friendly face of Linux" with cute penguins etc.), as we really don't have that much left of assets left that's of any considerable value for people to care about.
  • Is similar enough to "Mandrake" for people to immediately understand.

Making it even more obvious candidate name choice as when having to rebrand back in 2005, this cost us a lot more than most people (especially those not around and active in copmany & community back then) would be able to guess at.

    • Reestablishing ourself with a completely new brand name from scratch will become extremely difficult, with very low odds of visibility and attention if having a name noone ever heard of fromm a distribution that it's almost two years since did a release.
  • Near all tools developed by Mandriva has been named *drak*, making it a brand important to reclaim
  • A moon logo is so similar enough to a star, that it'll make it very easy to rebrand all existing artwork, with simply mostly replacing the Mandriva star we're not allowed to use anymore with a new moon logo of our own that we're free to use as we'd like. Same goes for replacing occurences of "Mandriva" with "Moondrake".

OMG LINUX (Open Mandriva Group linux or Oh My God linux ):

its simple and easy to remenber





  • Same name as the association Raphael (talk) 21:50, 23 April 2013 (UTC)
    • The association pretty much everyone, even yourself was so determined about having to change it's name ASAP after it's first general assembly.. Proyvind (talk) 23:09, 26 April 2013 (UTC)
  • Good recognition of the name
    • Tainted name with not necessarily as good associations ("what, Mandriva? Aren't you dead yet?!?!" I've been kept asking for the past few years) Proyvind (talk) 21:20, 26 April 2013 (UTC)

Personal comments from Per Øyvind:

  • Non-free
    • License conflict

As the use of this name requires for Mandriva to license it to us, with restrictions to it's usage attached, this is clearly at conflict with project policies. Ie. any artwork that has "OpenMandriva" in it, may not be freely edited, thus rendering the artwork non-free.

    • Just like SuSE named their new community distro project OpenSuSE to reflect on it now being an open community and no longer proprietary, this has already brought confusion to a lot of people who's been asking of whether anything has changed as Mandrake/Mandriva always has been and synonymous with free software.
  • Non-independent
    • Quoting Bruce

"This whole discussion, however, indicates why it is probably important to have your own trademark rather than a derivative of someone else's trademark. It is the nature of such derivatives that the owner of the primary trademark must jealously guard it, and this means a continuing low-level conflict with users of the derivative that once in a while flares up to a real problem."

    • Interference

Mandriva & ROSA's interference through various manners in order to promote their agenda, while still holding tight control of the association and clearly demonstrating how aggressively they will be concerning any potential future issues about the name surely demonstrates that we're not independent in any way.

    • Confusion and issues coming from name

Simply just by having the name of the company as part of our name also will give people false impressions of it being a Mandriva controlled project still (keep in mind that OpenSuSE, which is what the idea and inspiration has been clearly ripped off from, is named such because of the distro used to be proprietary before Novell acquisition, while after they opened the project, making OpenSuSE more like the cooker of SuSE as cooker used to be when being property of Mandriva. OpenSusE is still the property of and fully controlled by SuSE regardless of this name change.

      • Difficulties making distinction between company and project

Ever since the forced name change due to loss of "Mandrake" trademark, both the distribution (Mandrake) and company (Mandriva) were changed to the same name. So while the project previously were named Mandrake Linux, and the company named Mandrakesoft, it was easier to make the distinction between the two, something that became quite more difficult when they were named the same, while also imposing greater restrictions about the project's ability to use it more freely. Very common comments I've heard over the years has been from people who kept being under the impression of the distribution being purely commercial and not a very open and free commmunity project, thus resulting in many potential contributors with greater concerns on such matters not joining the project. Same issues has also arised from companies which were less eager to sponsor the project and adopt the distribution from a commercial vendor, where they rather favoured ie. Debian for being a community project. Ie. in response to a questions of mine to Stew Benedict (which worked for Mandriva since 1999, beffore leaving in 2007 to work for the Linux Foundation) about interest of contributinng to distro again after I saw him getting involved with Mageia, he certainly expressed the interest, but what had kept him from continuing to contribute to the distribution had simply been that it was owned by a commercial company, which he felt would be at conflict with his current employer of contributing to something that wasn't a community project without any particular ownership by a single company..

With the association named "OpenMandriva", it's hard enough to make people understand and explain it not being the same, I don't see this as improving particularly by just adding "Open" in front of it (especially with the association most people have with OpenSuSE and the nature of the name not in any way suggesting for it to be an independent and seperate entity from SuSE)

  • Controversy

The name was pushed against everyone's will from the beginning, where it was immediatedly dismissed from the very frist moment proposed during Paris kickoff meeting last year, then despite of this, it was still added to the voting poll Charles published without confirmation of the others in the community-entity-workgroup@ list (basically those who were present in Paris), which he yet even refused to take down after being demanded by several, not even despite of it causing wobo to leave the group. Since then ROSA interference with the efforts (on what was supposed to be an independent community foundation for where mandriva & rosa only to participate as equal contributors to, as everyone else) resulted in the name being forced upon us, no sensible discussion succeeded taking place, and even then since the name were pushed for the association (which we could change later, and we were planning on, despite of the current council president and one of those most insistent on getting to change it ASAP after first general assembly reversing his position on this after meddling and lobbying of companies). If any doubts about the credibility of this version told from my POV or claims of bias, I ask for the archives of the community-entity-workgroup@ list to be opened for the community to see the background of the controversy and how mislead and manipulated it's actually found itself to have been.. Additional and more seriously community hostile actions in attempt by ROSA to push this name took place earlier this month and will be disclosed on Monday..

  • Credibility

Considering the controversies described above and the broad knowledge amongst many about much of the details, the association will have zero credibility nor even integrity..

  • Alienating

The name and how it has been actively and abusively been pushed all along despite of the immediate and obvious objections to it, will surely alienate several people, amongst them key contributors developing the distribution that we simply cannot afford to loose.

    • Using the same name as the company is also likely to alienate other people who has poor relations with Mandriva over other matters (which almost every former employee which has been involved with or leaving because of new management seems to be having)
  • Too many syllables

Worsened by us being unable to shortening the name in any way for different variations, ie. see the importance of this with ie. Canonical which has named the distribution separately from the community and allowed for it to freely utilize the Ubuntu brand name in any way people want, resulting in it being very popular to make *buntu* spins, sites and what not of distinct names, but all based on the same and easily obvious enough to everyone being related to Ubuntu. For such a name as OpenMandriva, it will be really ugly and tedious if we don't have that freedom to play around with the name, considering how long it would end up being. Also considering the heavy restrictions and aggressiveness Mandriva has exhibited over the "Mandriva" trademark and it's determinedness about it's only acceptable use for us being when used as "OpenMandriva", it remains unclear whether we even will be allowed to extend the name by adding any sort of modifications of the name, even if "OpenMandriva" is still part of it.

  • Mageia

What'll be released by Mandriva and closest to "Mandriva Linux" from now on will be Mageia Linux which Mandriva bases their server offerings on, considering the poor relations between the projects, this isn't really well received.


  • OpenMDV project on sourceforge is already renamed as OpenMDX. Probably no confuse and trademark violation.

Oxygen Linux:


see Oxymoron below Jcl vanier (talk) 11:34, 22 November 2012 (UTC)


attempt to combine opposites

cons : make think about morons --Rjadot (talk) 17:45, 21 November 2012 (UTC)

Ok, we can remove it - Jcl vanier (talk) 22:12, 21 November 2012 (UTC)
Or... use the french translation : Oxymore --Rjadot (talk) 01:15, 22 November 2012 (UTC)
Is it to be removed? It still shows in the list, but I am not the owner (nor a moron :)

Some examples of "oxymoron" are: Jumbo Shrimp, black light, freezer burn, act naturally,Pretty ugly, Original copy, Microsoft Works


  • Half RO(sa) MA(ndriva)
  • Acronym of Release of OpenMandriva Association

Star Dragon Linux:

The Star is the path to the future and represents that this is only the beginning of our journey! The Dragon represents the old Magic, all the wondrous code we came from and all magnificent code yet to come!

Here is a sample logo [12]

Unique, Uniq:

We're quite certainly unique - and it's an easy to spell name that reminds of our Unix (Uniqs?) roots
The Q may be appreciated by Qt guys
Conflict with ??


Continuation of the old Unity Linux project that has been merged into ours
Cons: Room for confusion with Ubuntu's Unity desktop


  • Distortion of the open Mandriva Operating System
  • Strong brand link to the group. Association is easy for users.


  • Abbreviation of collaborative OS thus embodies spirit of a community driven project.
  • Actually thought coos would be cool as co for collaborative can also be used as co for corporate i.e. the enterprise version


  • Open Mandriva Linux Distribution abbreviated
  • Enterprise version : oldis GOLD (how true how true)
  • KDE 3.5 version or other variants using stable desktops - oldis RETRO (again how true how true)
  • Cutting edge : NEW oldis - a shout out that the new one is released
  • Bleeding edge : THIN ICE (Be careful being the idea)
  • Stable release/ LTS: oldis SOLID (Stable but newer than enterprise and RETRO.


You can add your comments, suggestions, here or in the discussion page