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Getting started

What is a project

It’s a temporary group activity designed to produce a unique product, service or result and achieve common goals.

Project management fall into five groups:

  • Initiating
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Closing

Project Structure

OMV PM.png

Descriptions for all roles(teams) in structure:

  • OpenMandriva Governance – OpenMandriva association and Council are goal owners for this project. This body defines goals for the PM
  • PM – person who is responsible for achieve common goals, creates and keeps track on release plan and roadmap
  • RM – person who is responsible for product release, provides requirements for distribution and receipt product from PM
  • SPOC – Single Point Of Contact – person whos responsible for communication between community and developers and project
  • Technical Committee – technical advisory for the PM and RM
  • Leaders – persons who are responsible to achieve goals described by PM, also responsible for their own teams including, recrutation new people, education and motivation.
  • Artwork Team – responsible to provide artwork(wallpappers, icons etc.) for a PM/RM request
  • Communication Team – responsible to provide a detailed informations to end users about new distribution release or significant packages, updates and everything related to a distribution life cycle. In charge of running blog, forums, dedicated pages in social medias, providing good PR for a OMA and OMV, also building(growing) user/developers base.
  • Infrastructure Team – provides and maintains IT tools for other teams like package build environment, web servers, also mirrors management.
  • Maintainers Team – in charge of packaging, maintaining and developing software. Responsible to achieve most of the goals.
  • R&D Team – responsible for developing new tools or porting distribution to new architectures
  • Q&A – responsible for distribution quality and user feeling, bug hunting and resolving.

Project Flow

Project flow standardizes communication and dependencies between teams, PM and any other entity involved in distribution. Process for building a distribution release starts with planning next release (scope, new features, roadmap etc.). Plan needs to show main targets:

  • Release distribution in next 6 months
  • Release distribution featuring specific Business Partner software (i.e. some 3rd party softrware)
  • Released distribution should provide freedom for end user (i.e. choose more than two desktop environments)
  • Distribution can not be released with any open critical bug, at least 10 with high level
  • Distribution installation process needs to be user friendly
  • etc.

After acceptation of high level goals, PM organizes teams, explains targets and proposes roadmap with milestones(alpha, beta, rc, final release), and KPI (key performance indicators). Up to RM and TC is to accept this roadmap, or to give propositions to modify it. In this case RM role is important, because he will be responsible for final product. TC has and advisory role here. PM consults and explain roadmap with Team Leaders, set basic rules, gives targets to achieve. Each Leader organizes people inside his own team. Once a week there should take place a Business Review meeting including:

  • Goal Owner
  • PM, RM, SPOC and TC
  • Team Leaders

Before each meeting PM will send agenda with topics that needs to be discussed.

Detailed description for all Roles


Project manager is responsible for running a project which will deliver a definied product on given date. Responible for project team building, communication in and outside of the project.

Creates roadmap for release, with milestones (i.e beta, RC, FINAL), runs "think tank", a place to gather new ideas for further distribution development, finally creates tasks to achieve.

Runs a project meeting forum where roadmap and tasks are discussed.

PM should be a person with strong experience with running project with PMI/PRINCE2 or any other well known method.


Release Manager is responsible for shape of final product, also delivers a products.


Single point of contact

Current project structure

  • PM - Tomasz Paweł Gajc
  • RM - Bernhard Rosenkranzer
  • SPOC - Jochen Schönfelder

Team Leaders