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1. Release status

  • beta will be pushed to QA as RC before making it official
  • the following issues should be fixed before beta RC
    • libreoffice (current version crashes on startup, fixed version doesn't build because of the diskspace issue)
    • binary driver updates needed to work with 3.10.x kernels (just merge from rosa)
    • urpmi/drakrpm/... repository locations (already have a fix, but waiting for the final location of the mirror list files)
    • if possible, remaining artwork
  • the following issues may be fixed after beta RC
    • nfs issues
    • java issues as far as they are unimportant for libreoffice

2. new contributors

  • fedya will give new contributors a hand so they are able to contribute
    • he'll also get in touch with jhonathan and Drosdeck
  • a packaging guide would be very welcome and should be enhanced as a joint effort.

3. artwork

  • new avatars selected by rugyada will be committed by mdawkins

4. TC new member

  • Xu_R is agreed as new member of TC
    • bero shall brief the Council about this.

5. AOB

  • updates process just waits for a final (mirrors/api) URL, bero will then patch urpm* to use it.