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  • Update on Brazil: Meeting went well, there is a large community, need to find better ways to work with them
  • Priorities: Getting the upcoming release out is a higher priority than finishing the arm port
  • Proposal: Replace rosapanel with the regular KDE panel configured to do the same things (to reduce workload). Need to wait for feedback from ROSA to see if rosapanel provides any extra features we'd be missing.
  • New info: ROSA is working on (and has almost completed) a Qt5 based rpmdrake replacement called rosa-software-center.
  • Action item: We need to coordinate better, since the OMA side was about to start replacing rpmdrake as well (just waiting for the release)
  • Action item: Add a qmake-qt5 symlink
  • libpng 1.6: We're back on 1.5.16 for now, might do the 1.6 update before the mass rebuild if we can be convinced it's safe and not a lot of work. Will investigate further.
  • Will run a mass rebuild of main by the end of this week.
  • Need a speaker for development issues to write reports like this one ;) and to announce key items in the blog etc.