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TC meeting

Time & Place

Place: #openmandriva-cooker @ Date/Time: Tuesday 2013-08-24, 14:30 UTC


1. Beta Release Blockers
2. Last Remaining Updates




<bero> Everyone ready for the meeting?
<itchka> yep
<Xu_R> ok
<bero> ok, at least a few people around -- let's get started...
<Xu_R> there needs to be a higher turnout at these meetings...
<itchka> Go for it!
<bero> From my side, there's 2 topics -- getting the beta out, and php (2 of my main php users have requested we update to 5.5.x for the release)
<bero> So important bits first...
<bero> Remaining bugs marked blocker:
<fedya> +
<bero> I can't reproduce 69 due to lack of hardware (I only have a Canon printer) -- does anyone have both a hp printer and the skills to look at that?
<crisb> not me sadly
<Xu_R> I don't have one with me right now, sorry.
<crisb> although it seems to only be bens one
<crisb> itchkas works right? :)

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<itchka> I have a similar printer I wonder if Bug 112 is related.
<itchka> I have HP postcript network printer which I was testing for hplip.
<Xu_R> I've been seeing that there's been a whole load of printing problems
<Xu_R> Thankfully a lot of them are fixed already (cups-filters issues)
<bero> maybe related... the error messages are very different though
<itchka> I have not tried the HP usb printer I have as it's elsewhere

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<crisb> although 112 states that something was installed from the 'rosalab abf-repositories'

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<crisb> whether that means cooker or not i dont know
<Xu_R> Anything different with our hplip stuff and any other distro's?
<bero> crisb: I thought it's referring to cooker and just calling it by hostname, but I might be wrong
<itchka> I wonder whether somethings missing hplip-gui was missing from the previous spin and it didn't flag any errors. I only discoverd it by accident.
<bero> Xu_R: no, we don't really touch hplip outside of wrapping it in a package
<crisb> as part of 112 i did drop the script which was calling hp-config_usb_printer, as this is what other distros do, but perhaps i didnt add something else in.
<crisb> as we purposely (like fedora/mageia) remove hp-config_usb_printer
<crisb> i know not why
<Xu_R> Could it be modprobe related? like what was happening with itchka's ethernet?
<bero> It could be that hp requires the usblp module and we don't load it, or that hp conflicts with the usblp module and we do load it...
<itchka> The error message is quite clear on 112 systemd-udevd won't create the device node because /dev/lp0 exists. With this how could you have two printers on a system. One use and one parallell
<bero> printer drivers seem to disagree about whether they want to talk to /dev/lp* or to libusb
<itchka> s/use/usb
<bero> Given we have a reproducing problem here, I'd propose to leave this as a blocker for the release but not for the beta -- betas are supposed to have some bugs, and printing overall seems to work now
<crisb> yeah i'd go with that
<bero> Any objections?
<Xu_R> That's fine, but we should get this fixed ASAP.
<itchka> Hmm I'm not oveer the moon with the idea but there seems to be only one user affected so it doesn't have a wide impact. So yes I'll go with that couse of action as long as it given priorit.

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<crisb> i can possibly get hold of an hp usb printer in a few days so can look into it then
<bero> Great... I unfortunately can't -- I don't know anyone with a hp printer
<bero> So that leaves 134 as the only blocker
<itchka> crisb: If you give me some guidelines I could test for you.
<Xu_R> bero: 134 will be blocker for release, not beta
<Xu_R> bero: I need to push drakxtools from omv_software, and I was going to do that after beta
<bero> Ok, so we don't have any blockers for the beta anymore, that's nice
<Xu_R> which might solve this problem.
<Xu_R> bero: Yeah.
<bero> Let's hope so...
<bero> So, that pretty much gets us to the 2nd topic -- is there anything left to do before we try to make another beta iso?
<bero> I have 2 guys (incidentally the only 2 guys I know who use php heavily) insisting we should update to php 5.5.x before the release
<Xu_R> bero: what php version are we on right now?
<bero> I'd say if we want to do that we should do it before the beta so we can get some testing
<bero> 5.4.19
<crisb> big job though no?
<Xu_R> disliking that...
<itchka> disliking delaying the beata?
<crisb> actually 5.4.16 atm (in 2013 anyway)
<bero> Shouldn't be a big job, let's check
<Xu_R> itchka: disliking a major upgrade of php
<bero> 5.4.19 is in cooker
<itchka> Xu_R: OK
<crisb> it's quite self contained though
<Xu_R> bero: how long will it take to put php 5.5 in>
<Xu_R> ?
<bero> I'm also not too fond of a major upgrade this late, but OTOH the guys who know about it best strongly recommend it, and it is self-contained (no need to rebuild all external packages using it, unlike w/ perl 5.18, ruby 2 or python 3)
<crisb> urpmq --whatrequires-recursive php-ini --media Main gives 93 packages
<bero> Xu_R: Let me check if all patches still apply
<crisb> i'm thinking if we make sure websvn/php[pg|my]admin still work
<crisb> then it wouldnt be too big a deal
<bero> crisb: I agree, assuming the patches we're currently applying to 5.4.x don't take too long to port over
<crisb> yup

  • Xu_R wishes abf had automatic rebuild capability ;-;

<crisb> bero: so when do you think we could hit build on the new iso?
<crisb> plus are we still having another few days of qa testing before announcing?
<bero> Essentially now... (after php is in, if we want to do the update)
<Xu_R> bero: can we do beta now
<bero> Does anyone have anything else we may want to update?
<Xu_R> and push php 5 as errata?
<Xu_R> because that's what I'm doing with drakxtoolls
<itchka> Release Notes. Errata. Nowhere does it state the minimum hardware requirements Release Notes. Errata. Nowhere does it state the minimum hardware requirements
<bero> Xu_R: I'd rather not,
<bero> because the point of the beta is to get more testing

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<itchka> Whoops pasting went awry
<bero> And we need 5.5 tested if we want to ship it...
<bero> But it's an option of course
<Xu_R> bero: test it during beta, then. you're still going to have to install php5 from repositories.
<Xu_R> if it's not going on the ISO, then it's not happening before beta iso...
<Xu_R> (you can make the beta iso, then push php 5.5 to the repos... since nothing with php 5.5 is going to be on the ISO, I'd hope)
<bero> Right, it's not going on the iso anyway, good point
<bero> So there's really nothing that blocks us from building isos right now
<bero> Does anyone have anything they'd like to get in (preferrably something that's in cooker already)?
<bero> Last chance to request something
<itchka> The Release Notes are from 2010!!!!
<crisb> packagekit-qt
<crisb> just a minor fix and nothing requires it in main
<bero> itchka: Right, we should fix the release notes
<crisb> just apper from contrib
<bero> crisb: agreed - but we may want to move apper to main while at it, there seems to be some stuff that requires a packagekit frontend these days
<crisb> bero: yes possible, we only have the gnome packagekit-gui
<crisb> in main
<itchka> Remove the release notes and just put the hardware requirement s and a note that the /usr partition must be more that 3.9Gb. That will avoid Bug 134
<Xu_R> what package provides the release notes? We gotta get cracking on that and have workshop begin providing necessary feedback/translation
<bero> Do we have any idea what our current hardware requirements are?
<Xu_R> bero: I'd say recommended 1 GB memory, 10 GB Hard Disk space, Suitable Graphics Card
<Xu_R> and then known bugs: /usr must be more than 3.9 GB.
<Xu_R> */usr must have more than 3.9 Gb of free space
<bero> That's not really a bug... It's not like we can shrink it without losing functionality...
<bero> Not warning about it may be a bug though
<itchka> It says it in the drakx installer somewhere but the memory requirement seem to be written for a live CD they say it 640Meg of RAM. This I would not have thought to be correct for a hard disk install. We won't get many people trying it on older hardware if it is.
<Xu_R> Ok... then "The hard drive that contains /usr must have at least 3.9 GB of space"
<itchka> No the /usr partition must have a minimum size of 3.9Gb
<Xu_R> itchka: fine, the partition that contains /usr must have at least 4 Gb of space
<itchka> Good
<itchka> What about the 640Meg memory are we going to qualify that that is for running the live cd and doing a live cd install.
<bero> Let's do that...
<Xu_R> oh, and out of curiousity, bero, the first-time startup, and live cd without desktop install... gtk is unthemed. any idea how to theme it?
<crisb> hmm i had a look at this
<crisb> ia ora is shipped and set to default theme
<crisb> so i cant see why its not being used
<bero> No idea here... IMO the fix is to eradicate gtk and rewrite the installer with Qt -- but not for this release
<itchka> You really dooo hate perl don't you bero!!
<itchka> abd gtk
<bero> I hate perl, and I hate gtk even more
<Xu_R> crisb: It is? I didn't see ia ora.
<bero> Whoever developed gtk should never be allowed to touch a computer anymore
<crisb> yeah it's in the drakx-installer-matchbox rpm
<itchka> Dammning stuff!!
<Xu_R> crisb: oh. but the theme isn't included on the ISO?
<bero> because there's a good chance they'll either destroy it or create something at least as bad as Windoze ;)
<Xu_R> crisb: it's asking for ia-ora but it's not present...
<crisb> Xu_R: hmm maybe its not matchbox that's unthemed then
<Xu_R> bero: frankly, I disagree here - GTK is getting nicer. But their themes support is getting shittier and their gnome shell getting more limiting.
<itchka> Such Vitriol
<Xu_R> crisb: Hmm... how did ROSA do it? Because their ISO does not seem to suffer these effects.
<crisb> Xu_R: i'm not really sure what's used. i guess it must just be that we're not installing ia ora on the iso
<Xu_R> crisb: temporary solution - readd iaora back?
<Xu_R> bero: ^?

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<crisb> worth a try
<itchka> It can't make it worse.
<itchka> Xu_R: Are you picking up the release notes job?
<crisb> ia_ora-gnome is added to iso_pkg_lists now
<Xu_R> crisb: make sure to add it to the openmandriva2013.0 branch
<crisb> Xu_R: it doesnt have one!
<Xu_R> itchka: I don't know :/
<Xu_R> crisb: oh, ok
<Xu_R> itchka: what package provides the release notes?
<crisb> ok well packagekit-qt 0.8.8 is now in 2013 so just the release notes
<Xu_R> oh
<Xu_R> it's in distro-release
<crisb> amazing to think 2011 didnt have any!
<bero> sorry, had to run to the bathroom for a few mins, back now
<Xu_R> crisb: I find that ridiculous, honestly
<Xu_R> crisb: oh.
<Xu_R> It looks like the release notes are an html file exported from the wiki
<Xu_R> That makes life easier.
<crisb> there's a txt version too
<bero> Not sure where it gets its theme from... But adding the one it expects does seem to be an option
<Xu_R> crisb: yeah, most likely also taken from mediawiki via export
<crisb> cool
<crisb> lets get this mother out! :)
<Xu_R> itchka: I think we'll take release notes from the wiki like MDV has.
<Xu_R> itchka:
<Xu_R> ^ edit that link, and I'll grab the text and html
<bero> sounds like a plan
<itchka> You want me to do them? Happy to if you want.
<Xu_R> itchka: If you could, please. I've already setup the skeleton structure.
<Xu_R> A quick comparison (ours does NOT have to be this descriptive for now):
<itchka> Ok no prob. I keep it real simple: Just the system requirements. Perhaps a note on the four window launchers. Where to repot bugs. Known Bugs. Anything else
<Xu_R> Hmm, nope. I think that's all for now.
<itchka> Ok I'll have to do it later tonight since I am out this evening but you should have have it by 12 midnight BST.
<bero> Yes, should definitely have a note on the 4 launchers in there
<bero> We'll get strange reviews if people don't know why we did that
<itchka> Should I ask for feedback, if so where?
<itchka> Fedback on the launchers I mean.
<Xu_R> itchka: forums, I guess?
<bero> Probably
<itchka> Ok
<bero> Ok, so I'll wait for the new release notes and then launch the iso builds
<itchka> I'll notify Xu_r as soon as theya re done

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<Xu_R> itchka: Ok, email me.
<itchka> will do
<Xu_R> Ok, guess this meeting is over then?
<Xu_R> (bero: ^)
<bero> Yes, unless someone wants to bring up something else?
<crisb> all good from me
<itchka> Yep ok I'm done
<crisb> time to start thinking about where the glitzy 2013 final release event will be ;)
<Xu_R> I'm hoping a month from beta release.
<bero> I actually hope we can do it faster because that's what we sort-of promised to Mandriva
<crisb> bero: why did they need us to promise?
<bero> They want to build their next desktop product on top of our release
<itchka> I think if we can maintain the level of cooperation it may be possible. I think everyone has done really well. We have a BETA with a very small bug list.
<Xu_R> there just needs to be MORE TALKING on the ML >_>
<itchka> I agree; its the only way to overcome disparate timezone. As well of course to keep others informed! So Xu_R.