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TC meeting

Time & Place

Place: #openmandriva-cooker @ Date/Time: Tuesday 2013-08-13, 14:30 UTC

Time zone Local time UTC offset
CET Tuesday 2013-08-13, 15:30 UTC+1
MST Tuesday 2013-08-13, 07:30 UTC-7
MSK Tuesday 2013-08-13, 18:30 UTC+4
VLAT Wednesday 2013-08-13, 01:30 UTC+11


1. Release status
2. new contributors
3. artwork
4. TC new member
5. AOB




16:34 <bero> So, let's get started...
16:34 <mdawkins> how about moving lang du jours out of rpm....? ie the P/Rs to
                 their respective pkgs
16:34 <proyvind> mdawkins: ?
16:34 <itchka> proyvind: Thank you for your explanation of the various libc's
16:34 <mdawkins> much like mono and gir is done
16:35 <fedya|3> any ideas Exception in thread "main"
                org.eclipse.jdt.core.compiler.IProblem ?
16:35 <proyvind> mdawkins: are you referring to the dependency generator
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16:36 <blackcrack> hi Arisel :)
16:36 <mdawkins> proyvind: yes
16:37 <mdawkins> there's no reason to keep all that in rpm, and after talking to
                 jbj, he's never going to upstream those either
16:37 <mdawkins> it's better to push it back to the lang du jour IMHO
16:38 <bero> mdawkins: IMO: not before the release, too many possible breakages
             (packages not rebuilding anymore because they don't have the right
             BRs etc.) -- but after the release we should consider it if it
             reduces the amount of dependencies...
16:38 <mdawkins> bero: sorry, yes this is long term
16:39 <mdawkins> and it's basically shifting where the P-R script goes
16:40 <proyvind> mdawkins: what would be the gain? for mono & gir, I don't use
                 the scripts provided with either
16:40 <bero> The one problem I can see with this approach is that if RPM ever
             changes something about the way those scripts need to be build, we
             get to track them all down and fix 50 packages instead of having
             them all in 1 place
16:41 <mdawkins> one moment
16:43 <arisel> Sorry for interupting, but i don't think that this one really is
               release critical.. can we push it to the end of the agenda? or at
               least start with more short-term stuff?
16:43 <proyvind> and as we're now using the internal dependency generator,
                 explicit support for these various types of dependencies needs
                 to be implemented in it as well, I don't remember exact details
                 of things, but there might be some additional changes done to
                 the dependency generator scripts that's tied to how implemented
                 in rpm and not unlikely some other fixes as well
16:43 <bero> arisel: Agreed -- the release is more important...
16:44 <mdawkins> there are huge gains, mainly not having rpm-devel or rpm-build
                 pull in all the soup du jours, i'd think that is painfully
16:44 <bero> So, release status:
16:44 <bero> Generally looking good, few issues that need to be fixed before we
             can cut a beta release candidate:
16:44 <mdawkins> you run into a pretty ugly bootstrapping problem if not
16:44 <bero> - libreoffice (current version crashes on startup, fixed version
             doesn't build because of the diskspace issue)
16:45 <bero> - binary driver updates needed to work with 3.10.x kernels (just
             merge from rosa)
16:45 <bero> - urpmi/drakrpm/... repository locations (already have a fix, but
             waiting for the final location of the mirror list files)
16:45 <proyvind> mdawkins: for the scripts in question here, no additional
                 dependencies gets pulled in because of these as they're simply
                 written in shell script
16:45 <bero> - if possible, remaining artwork
16:46 <bero> Am I forgetting anything that's a showstopper even for the beta?
16:46 <proyvind> why not fix layout on abf?
16:46  * proyvind don't see it as urpmi being the one that needs to be fixed
16:46 <mdawkins> bero: has a trace been run on LO to find out why?
16:46 <arisel> bero: I'm unsure about java and nfs stuff, but apart from that, I
               agree with you. and both java as well as nfs might be after beta.
16:47 <bero> proyvind: urpmi does need to be fixed because it hardcodes the
             "" location for mirror lists -- or is there a
             better fix for this?
16:48 <bero> proyvind: Actually getting rid of the hardcode is
             the only thing needed in urpmi -- I have a build with it
16:48 <proyvind> well, I have an item to add to the agenda.. I want my access
                 restored, then I'll start pushing changes (ie. as said earlier,
                 I have nfsd working here)
16:48 <proyvind> bero: ah
16:48 <proyvind> bero: I thought you were referring to --distrib
16:48 <blackcrack> proyvind: :)
16:48 <proyvind> and different directory layout
16:49 <proyvind> bero: for replacement, I'd like to implement
                 mirrorbrain support
16:49 <bero> Are there any objections to restoring proyvind's write access?
16:49 <mdawkins> here
16:50 <crisb> not from me, we need all the help we can get
16:50 <mdawkins> i'd say after the release and to be discussed as a group
16:50 <proyvind> but it would be more of something for infrastructure team to
                 deploy on servers
16:50 <proyvind> mdawkins: and why is that?
16:50 <bero> proyvind: I'd like that too, but it's another thing that may be
             better to delay until after the release (simply because of possible
16:51 <proyvind> bero: implementation in urpmi would be utterly trivial
16:51  * arisel is fine with per having write again, as long as he agrees to
         cooordinate his work, and not "just do" without telling or accepting
         other decisions (like no mirrorbrain until release :)
16:51 <fedya|3> i'm + for write access to proyvind
16:51 <crisb> yeah, no reason not to restore on a trial basis at least
16:52 <bero> proyvind: I think mdawkins's point is that the council was the
             instance that revoked it, so technically the council should be the
             instance restoring it
16:52  * bero agrees with arisel
16:52 <crisb> bero: so we can put it to the council to restore?
16:52 <proyvind> bero: you might remember that like a week before we had an
                 emergency meeting coming out of several peoples' unhappiness
                 with council interference in project, where the project's
                 position was that the council did not get to do this
16:53 <mdawkins> plus he's hasn't shown that he even recognizes why his previous
                 behavior was out of line, nor from what we saw last week, would
                 show anything has really changed
16:53 <bero> crisb: sure, but that won't get an immediate reply
16:54 <proyvind> that would also mean that they had no authority to decide
                 anything wrt. project leadership either
16:54 <mdawkins> so i'd prefer we take it back to the coucil, but after the
16:54 <arisel> Sorry people, i do not think that we should discuss the past and
               "who has been wrong" Again..
16:54 <crisb> bero: could we restore and then discuss again if the council
16:54 <mdawkins> right here: i object
16:54 <blackcrack> arisel: +1
16:54 <crisb> mdawkins: but you're the only one here who does
16:54 <arisel> We as TC can provide people with write access, or not. We could
               even add new members to TC as long as they are assoc members
               (which pok isn't).
16:54 <crisb> (who has commented)
16:55 <arisel> So for me it comes down to this: POK: Do you agree with the above
               conditions? If yes, i'd happily vote for giving you write back.
               If not, i can't see that we really are working on the same
               project :)
16:55 <proyvind> there was a reason why we had this meeting back then and as
                 there was a concensus shared by a large as possible group from
                 devels, I really think we should respect the position and
                 consensus reached there and if not, we should organize a
                 similar meeting to discuss and reconsider the project's
16:55 <crisb> bero: LO build failed with out of disk space since i made that
              script change, so looks like it didnt take effect?
16:56 <mdawkins> let's drop this for now
16:56 <bero> mdawkins: We're talking about git write access, not association
             membership - so the rules are somewhat more relaxed
16:56 <mdawkins> the pok issue is out of scope atm
16:56 <mdawkins> bero: then why not have him submit patches
16:57 <bero> crisb: I just restarted the LO build -- we'll know in a few hours
             as the disk fills up. My guess is it'll need to be deployed though
16:57 <mdawkins> afaik moondrake-release is still pulled in by default
16:57 <arisel> mdawkins: i'm ok with him having write as long as he plays with
               the game. But if you want to read through his pulls and pok is
               willing to do pulls I'm also fine with that.
16:57 <proyvind> mdawkins: and you think that is something that I've
                 deliberately made sure of?
16:57 <mdawkins> bero: even better, why not do a trial
16:58 <mdawkins> have him clear up the patch set for rpm5 with
16:58 <mdawkins> if it wasn't, what was your intent all that time?
16:58 <proyvind> arisel: sure, but if I can do the implementation without making
                 it default or replacing other stuff, I'd still implement
16:58 <mdawkins> please don't play innocent now
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17:00 <crisb> bero: doh, just realised that the abf worker log is tgz'd so even
              though it says 900mb its actually only 30 to download
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17:00 <bero> crisb: still too much when on 2G ;)
17:00 <arisel> proyvind: sorry, did not catch the meaning on your sentence. Was
               that on "I'm willing to coordinate"? or where did that belong to?
17:00 <proyvind> mdawkins: innocent about what? moondrake-release getting
17:01 <proyvind> arisel: whatever you wrote about mirrorbrain & urpmi
17:01 <proyvind> ;)
17:01 <mdawkins> anyways lets get back on track
17:01 <arisel> proyvind: ok, that's easy and for sure ok.
17:01 <itchka> Good
17:02 <arisel> proyvind: I'm still somehow waiting about you providing a clear
               answer for the rest of the sentence. If you agree on coordinate
               your work with TC and follow decisions, I'm fine with you having
               write again. but you should state that.
17:02 <proyvind> mdawkins: FWIW rpm has no concept of priority of dependencies,
                 ie. if two packages provides the same to satisfy a dependency,
                 there's no support in place for picking one over the other
17:03 <mdawkins> bero: so please proceed
17:04 <proyvind> arisel: I'm not really certain about what particular kind of
                 work you might be referring to or would expect for me to have
                 to coordinate with others about
17:04 <crisb> bero: might as well cancel that build, it gets the scripts from: h
17:04 <proyvind> whether necessary to coordinate with others or not is really
                 something I have to decide on case by case basis
17:05 <bero> So I'm not sure if my last question was ignored because of other
             topics going on at the same time, of if there just are no additions
             ;) Are there any other things we need to fix before building the
             beta RC ISO?
17:05 <proyvind> bero: dude, you really mean that this beta should be the final
17:05 <proyvind> that's not a ood thing
17:05 <bero> proyvind: No, not at all
17:05 <arisel> proyvind: it's like: "Not just chaging stuff to mirrorbrain", but
               "ask TC people if that would be ok". And if you have that "great
               new idea", also ask, not just implement and tell afterwards. I'm
               fine with you having write access as long as you are trackable as
               everyone else, and therefor helpful for openmandriva.
17:05 <bero> proyvind: By beta RC, I mean the release candidate for the beta
             that is sent to the QA team
17:06 <bero> proyvind: So essentially what we'd propose to be the beta, but what
             QA gets to veto if there's something wrong with it
17:06 <proyvind> arisel: why would you put any inhibitions onn whatever I'd
                 choose to implement in the software that I maintain if it's not
                 interfering or causing troubles for others?
17:06 <crisb> bero: re ISO, just what i said before about making sure
              gstreamer0.10 works (ie -tools is present in the install, proyvind
              also noticed that gstreamer1.0-tools obsoletes 0.10-tools)
17:06 <bero> proyvind: (After QA OKs it, it's the beta -- not the final)
17:06 <bero> crisb: Right, that's another thing that needs to go in
17:06 <proyvind> bero: ah, *phew*, then it was suddenly a lot more sober and
                 making sense then :)
17:07 <bero> proyvind: If I ever say we should push out a final release that
             didn't even have a beta phase at all, please revoke my git access
17:07 <arisel> proyvind: maybe that's for after the meeting: but stuf like this
               usually leads to "we have new features nobody is aware of or
               professional in" and things are worse as they could be
               afterwards. But that is a complex question with complex answers,
               and I'd like to discuss that after the meeting, but maybe not now
               in full.
17:08 <proyvind> arisel: notice that I'm actively tracking and merging all of
                 changes from mageia's trees for the various tools, would you
                 impose similar restrictions on them as well?
17:08 <arisel> proyvind: that's not the point i refer to. As i tell, let's
               postpone this and proceed here.
17:09 <mdawkins> arisel: +1
17:09 <proyvind> bero: good, I was really concerned after interpreting it in
                 this wrong way when seeing it mentioned on mailing list
17:10 <crisb> bero: i've requested the change be pulled in for more disk space:
17:10 <arisel> bero: I just mentioned java and nfs, but apart from that I'm
               fine. and for nfs there're several solutions (remove uclibc
               stuff/patches from tirpc might be one, eg), so we might do that
               after betaRC
17:10 <proyvind> arisel: sure, but FWIW about the stuff that I maintain and
                 develop, I'd be the one most competent to evaluate any changes
17:10 <bero> arisel: Yes, IMO that's something we can do after the beta
17:10 <proyvind> arisel: that's not the culprit
17:11 <itchka> LO requires some java for it's plugins and database. Will there
               be sufficient java operability for these function?
17:11 <crisb> itchka: should be
17:12 <arisel> proyvind: maybe. we just had some uclibc-removals on sunday
               there, and stuff worked in between and stopped again, afterwards.
17:12 <itchka> I have looked at alot of the java packages and there is
               brokenness in the abf.yml scripts. Using fetch with the console
               client does not work. Could this have something to do with some
               of the java problems?
17:12 <bero> proyvind: That's true, but this late in the cycle someone else
             should take a look as well (developers in general, including me,
             tend to think their code works all the time if it works for them)
17:12 <crisb> itchka: yeah, a lot are broken as they were at abf import time
17:12 <bero> itchka: LO is working here, so the java stack should be good enough
17:12 <itchka> Ok just flagging it
17:13 <bero> itchka: The packages with broken .abf.yml are indeed broken, but
             beyond the simple fix to .abf.yml, their dependencies usually
             aren't there and/or the build order is wrong
17:13 <proyvind> arisel: considering that I haven't had any commit access for
                 several months, I seriously doubt that I'm the one to blame
                 here, if anything, I would've fixed it since long ago if my
                 access hadn't been revoked
17:13 <crisb> itchka: lot of missing stuff in the filestore too (maybe due to
              that), but thats just the easy first hurdle, the dependency hell
              is whats really broken it all :)
17:13 <proyvind> arisel: for uclibc issue, see my conversation with crisb &
                 fedya|3 earlier in this chan
17:13 <arisel> proyvind: I did not blame you here.
17:14 <arisel> proyvind: so please do not upset yourself :)
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17:15 <itchka> A real team effort required for java then perhaps even a plan?
17:15 <blackcrack> proyvind:
17:15 <crisb> itchka: i'm going to try to get a maven bootstrap into the repos
              and then go from there
17:15 <proyvind> bero: yes, but as said, if I were to add functionality that
                 others wouldn't think of as safe enough, I would just simply
                 not make it default (if I cannot be trusted to even make any
                 functionality conditional, then I really shouldn't be trusted
                 about doing any coding to begin with;)
17:16 <crisb> itchka: but there's probably too much work to get everything
              sorted for 2013
17:17 <proyvind> arisel: I'm not upset, just didn't grasp your logic, while
                 pointing out that I would've fixed it within quite a short time
                 if only I'd have the ability to ;)
17:17 <itchka> crisb: Ok can we set a target for QA to test to. At least we
               could make some progress as well as having something positive to
               put in the release note.
17:18 <arisel> proyvind: come on. if you'd like you always could have done a
               pull request. like you did for some other stoff.. I did not even
               mind your comments like "changes to myself..", "blablabla..",..
               and so on. Apart from tirpc where i merged your pacthes after
               some time, since you submitted while itchka was working on it,
               that worked.
17:19 <mdawkins> proyvind: if you would like fixes to be submitted, i'd suggest
                 submitting patches atm
17:19 <crisb> itchka: atm, there's java itself, ant, tomcat and some of the
              commons stuff, and not much else :)
17:19 <proyvind> arisel:
17:20 <arisel> proyvind: now it's readbale for me, again.
17:20 <proyvind> arisel: I'm not sure what you mean..
17:20 <bero> proyvind: Disabling tirpc-xdr-update-from-glibc.patch may fix nfs,
             but breaks some other stuff...
17:21 <arisel> proyvind: mdk/libtirpc was unaccessible for me for some time.
17:21 <bero> proyvind: I remember pulling those bits in to fix some build issues
             with other packages that insisted on having some types defined etc.
17:21 <arisel> proyvind: rest of mdk always was readable. But that gave me added
               trouble for your last pull req.
17:21 <bero> So maybe we need to check why it breaks NFS and fix it in a way
             that doesn't break something else...
17:21 <bero> Unfortunately I don't remember what needed those bits, but it might
             have been YP tools etc.
17:22 <arisel> jhonatan: *ping*
17:22 <proyvind> for pull request, I hope you see that there's a certain amount
                 of fluctuating good will at play here.. it should be quite
                 obvious why my interest in contributing my work to a project
                 that others decided that I didn't get to be a part of..
17:23 <proyvind> bero: yes, I know that it doesn't *fix*, that's why I was
                 careful to only say that I have it working ;)
17:23 <proyvind> bero: your patch, for you to fix :)
17:23 <itchka> Release Notes: Whose responsibility? QA or TC / Cooker
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17:24 <arisel> proyvind: well. i take it if it's nice, i don't do it if it's
               not, so I totally see it as "I do not ask you for that", and
               "take it thankfully if it's helpful".
17:24 <proyvind> arisel: ?
17:24  * Xu|Mobile is here late because of other stuff, sorry
17:25 <arisel> proyvind: I see pull reqs as "thanks!", but i will not ask for
               presents :) So I'm fine with if you do these due to goodwill, and
               accept that, but it's your choice where i do not press you for :)
17:25 <proyvind> arisel: ah :)
17:26 <arisel> proyvind: only thing i always try to do is "read through them and
               decide if they are to merge or better not" :)
17:26 <arisel> Xu|Mobile: you're in time for next agenda points after release
17:28 <arisel> bero: can we proceed?
17:28 <arisel> Drosdeck: *ping*
17:29 <bero> itchka: I think shared responsibility
17:29 <bero> arisel: yes, let's...
17:29 <bero> So, next point would be new contributors
17:29 <bero> Quoting the mail:
17:29 <fedya|3> bero: if you are sending gstreamer0.10 or other package plz send
                to arm arches too, i prepared a little update for ABB tool
17:29 <bero> There have been a few people during the last days who showed
             interest in contributing. For now they take a looking through the
             bugs, but for sure could need more assistance.
17:30 <itchka> I'll set up a page on om.qassure for the purpose and post the
               link on cooker ML.
17:30 <bero> Of course whenever I'm around feel free to ping me, but it may be
             better to have some official point for new contributors to go to
17:31 <bero> Any volunteers for helping new contributors learn how things work?
17:32 <fedya|3> i can
17:32  * arisel eg. had some Feedback from Drosdeck and jhonatan that they are
         interested in helping. Drosdeck started to run through the bugs and
         provided some feedback there and I also pushed him a bit to pcpa to get
         some help on cooker/abf stuff , for jhonatan I'm unsure, but he dived
         into the iso. Both could need someone who helps them.
17:33 <proyvind> bero: sure
17:33 <arisel> fedya|3: they seem to be afk, atm, but can you also get into
               ontact with both and see after them?
17:33 <fedya|3> arisel: ok
17:33 <arisel> fedya|3: that would be great :)
17:36 <arisel> proyvind: would you be interested in preparing some really good
               packaging guide or take hand with someone new?
17:38 <itchka> From QA standpoint packaging guide is essential and will resolves
               many disagreements
17:38 <arisel> itchka: there's one started by me, but I'm not the right person
               to write it, since I'm able to package, but I'm no master of it
17:40 <proyvind> arisel: not really, at least not from scratch, but there should
                 be quite a lot of documentation on the old wiki (I have no idea
                 why we started with an entirely new wiki rather than just
                 importing the existing one..?) that's still relevant, updating
                 it would be better, but I'm unlikely to give it any priority in
                 any near future
17:40 <itchka> arisel: There are others who may have started as well. Personally
               I think cooker would be a happier place if you did this.
17:41 <proyvind> updating and improving it should certainly be possible as a
                 collective effort :)
17:41 <arisel> itchka: *g*
17:41 <mdawkins> i agree there
17:42 <arisel> proyvind: sure. I'm not at all like "that's it now live with
17:42 <bero> Also, general note (not targeting anyone in particular): Let's try
             not to scare people away. New guys are expected to mess up at
             times, and telling them they're stupid doesn't really help keeping
             them there ;)
17:42 <arisel> bero: +1 for being nice to each other, especially towards newbies
               who just start to learn.
17:43 <itchka> Can QA help in any way to do this?
17:43 <arisel> itchka: i think you can help fedya if somehone joines who likes
               focussing on bugs.
17:44 <Xu|Mobile> btw, crisb, kudos to you for the bugfixing
17:44 <arisel> *nods*
17:44 <crisb> :) thanks
17:45 <proyvind> bero: I won't argue on that one, but one should be just as
                 careful of not driving people away with over eager enforcement
                 and repercursions as well..
17:46 <itchka> arisel: We have planned to do this as part of our bug hunter
               recruitment it is hoped to have a bit of a league table on fixing
               to encourage people. Of course if you guys do a great job I guess
               they'll be redundant.
17:46 <proyvind> ie. when blackcrack was moderated on foundation@ list, there
                 was a quite good reason for why I objected to it, doing such,
                 especially to people who hasn't been involved for very long is
                 surely an extremely efficient way to turn them off and away..
17:47 <blackcrack> hiumm.. but i be atm not moderated .. was in the starttimes
                   .. yepp, your right, but now no more
17:48 <proyvind> cooker has always been sort of a mixture of anarchy and
                 meritocracy, which it's always critically relied on, people
                 should keep this in mind and be sure not act like "adult
17:48 <mdawkins> proyvind: yeah but we've moved on from that idea of anything
17:48 <blackcrack> and it was from an forum moderator and frend from the
                   president of the fondation and by the president.. hwo ever..
                   i told in the last times who had inizalisation this moderate
17:48 <arisel> mdawkins: +1
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17:49 <mdawkins> and if you remember you me and bero made a proposal of more
                 restraint to rubanov
17:49 <arisel> hmm.. I hink we're leaving track here, again.
17:49 <mdawkins> yep
17:49 <mdawkins> lets get back
17:49 <blackcrack> jo ..
17:49 <itchka> so do I!
17:49 <arisel> do not think that anyone opposes bero's wish.
17:49 <proyvind> blackcrack: yupp, and I suspect that you'd stay turned off if I
                 hadn't written you :)
17:49 <proyvind> mdawkins: what on earth are you talking about?
17:50 <blackcrack> i easy a bit silend .. but were there now on an other topic
17:50 <mdawkins> proyvind: do you remember our proposal in brussels to
17:50 <mdawkins> when i say our, i mean OMDV's
17:50 <blackcrack> mdawkins: humm.. the past..
17:50 <mdawkins> blackcrack: no
17:50 <bero> We have another weird issue, maybe someone else has a quick idea
             about this:
17:51 <bero> Looks like somehow some build environments want to install gawk
             twice (and then croak on it)
17:51 <mdawkins> i've ran into this problem too
17:51 <crisb> fedya: you think its an urpmi problem?
17:51 <arisel> bero: we're having this for some time now, and this is a major
               reson for fedya's and my wish to have our own urpmi in the
17:51 <Xu|Mobile> perl-urpm seems to be depsolving weirdly...
17:52 <mdawkins> my guess is two pkgs provide awk...?
17:52 <proyvind> mdawkins: no idea what you're talking about, rubanov has no
                 special influence (nor even participating) in this project..
17:52 <Xu|Mobile> No, it's trying to install gawk twice... The same gawk
17:52 --> Pulfer ( ist in den Channel
          #openmandriva-cooker gekommen
17:53 <crisb> mdawkins: no its actually trying to install gawk again, from urpmi
              anyway only gawk provides awk
17:54 <mdawkins> anyways it was proposed as a working agreement
17:55 <bero> I think the hdlists are borked
17:55 <bero> Interesting bit from the log:
17:55 <bero> DEBUG  the more recent gawk-4.1.0-9-omv2013.0.x86_64
             is installed, but does not provide /usr/bin/gawk whereas
             gawk-4.1.0-9-omv2013.0.x86_64 does
17:55 <bero> DEBUG  selecting gawk-4.1.0-9-omv2013.0.x86_64
17:55 <bero> DEBUG  set_rejected: gawk-4.1.0-9-omv2013.0.x86_64
17:55 <mdawkins> bump and rebuild
17:55 <arisel> bero: you can tr with your "delete rpm" way ;)
17:55 <bero> So... gawk-4.1.0-9-omv2013.0.x86_64 is more recent than itself, and
             provides /usr/bin/gawk while it doesn't ;)
17:55 <crisb> been bumped a couple of times no change :(
17:56 <arisel> crisb: *nods*
17:56  * bero tries deleting the rpm
17:57 <mdawkins> bero: lets bump
17:57 <crisb> drum rolls...
17:57 <crisb> :)
17:58 <mdawkins> shall i do it bero ?
17:58 <mdawkins> nope crisb got it
17:59 <bero> mdawkins: already done
17:59 <mdawkins> \o/
17:59 <arisel> Pulfer: welcome :)
18:01 <Pulfer> arisel: Hi!
18:01 <itchka> Xu|Mobile: I have to go soon Xu can you take over QA
18:02 <Xu|Mobile> itchka: mk
18:04 --> ColinHC (~androirc@ ist in den Channel
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18:05 <-- itchka (~colin@ hat das IRC verlassen (Quit: Konversation
18:05 <-- pcpa (~pcpa@ hat das IRC verlassen (Read error:
          Connection reset by peer)
18:06 --> pcpa ( ist in den Channel
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18:06 <Xu|Mobile> What have we gone through for the agenda?
18:07 <arisel> Xu|Mobile: you joined after the first poit "release status" so
               the rest you did see.
18:07 <-- Pulfer ( hat das IRC verlassen
          (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium
18:08 <Xu|Mobile> Ah, ok
18:08 <arisel> *waiting for bero to continue*
18:12 <crisb> oops looks like the gawk build failed because it requires gawk :|
18:13 <Xu|Mobile> I didn't realize (random offtopic tidbit) that libsolv
                  supported hdlists from mandriva...
18:13 <arisel> noticed..
18:13 <mdawkins> crisb: lol
18:13 <Xu|Mobile> :<
18:13 <arisel> crisb: thinking about just republishing the old gawk build, but
               think bero should better do that as he's on this.
18:13 <Xu|Mobile> That's... A strange dependency cycle.
18:14 <arisel> Xu|Mobile: think it's the buildenv.
18:14 <crisb> well i guess util-linux requires gawk or something and therefore
18:14 <crisb> rpm also reqs it
18:14 <crisb> basically urpmq --whatrequires-recursive gawk is everything :)
18:15 <Drosdeck> arisel, pong
18:15 <bero> Sorry, was distracted for a bit looking into gawk
18:15 <bero> republishing older build...
18:16 <arisel> Drosdeck: fedya will get in contact with you concerning some "new
               supporter help" :)
18:16 --> DarkShadowKun ( ist in den
          Channel #openmandriva-cooker gekommen
18:16 <bero> I don't think we have any other items on the agenda... Am I missing
18:16 <bero> Oh, actually yes... While rugyada is there ;) What's the status of
             artwork that should make it into the beta?
18:17 <mdawkins> the avatars... is it fine to commit them?
18:17 --> Xu_R ( ist in den Channel
          #openmandriva-cooker gekommen
18:18 <arisel> mdawkins: for me: yes.
18:18 <mdawkins> i never heard a "yes"
18:18 <bero> And another thing: Are there any objections to officially making
             Xu_R a TC member?
18:18 <-- Xu|Mobile ( hat das IRC
          verlassen (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
18:18 <bero> mdawkins: fine with me
18:18  * arisel does not object.
18:18 <Drosdeck> arisel, ok
18:19 <-- DarkShadowKun ( hat das IRC
          verlassen (Disconnected by services)
18:22 <crisb> no as he was nice about my bug fixing ;)
18:24 <crisb> bero: hopefully someone will deal with my pull req tomorrow (guess
              its too late in russia now) and LO will start building
18:24  * arisel collected some preliminary OKs from mdawkins, fedya and Pulfer,
         so if they don't speak up now, we should go on :)
18:25 <arisel> (imho ;)
18:25 <mdawkins> yeah
18:25 <mdawkins> i agree
18:25 <crisb> arisel: go on with??
18:26 <arisel> crisb: *g* having bero brief the council about Xu_R, as well as
               go on with our agenda here, if anything's left for today.
18:26 <crisb> yup :)
18:26 <bero> I don't have anything else... Does anyone else?
18:26  * arisel still has to debug a coffee machine where i hope that i did not
         burn the ac/dc converter :)
18:27 <arisel> bero: not from my part.
18:27 <arisel> bero: maybe this one: who does upload the log into the wiki? :)
18:28 <Xu_R> Can anyone summarise the release plan for beta?
18:29 <crisb> Xu_R: smash bugs (fix LO, mirrors stuff and gstreamer in
              particular), get ISO to QA for approval
18:30 <Xu_R> Ok - how about the updates process?
18:30 <crisb> Xu_R: being worked on I think, bero waiting for final URL
18:31 <Xu_R> ok, because it's not a good idea to push breakable updates during
18:32 <jhonatan> arisel, sorry  i m working i other computer, And   because
                 this not  you answered.
18:33 <arisel> jhonatan: no problem. Just wanted to inform you, that fedya
               volunteered to contact you and help you a bit with how to
               help/contribute with openmandriva :)
18:34 <jhonatan> tks
18:35 <arisel> bero: so.. meeting officially closed?
18:35 <arisel> bero: since then I'll upload the log :)
18:36 <bero> yes, as long as nobody has anything to add
18:36 <bero> Chwido says woof, not sure if that needs to go to the log ;)
18:36 <arisel> *counting down from ten*
18:37 <arisel> *reaching 0*
18:37 <arisel> bero: draw a line, then :)
18:37 <bero> -------------------------------------------------------------------