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This page is intended to answer general questions regarding the Association

FAQ (without priority order, as questions come)

Q: What is OMA cooker and what is council, how are they related?

A: Since OMA is a French non-profit association (one needs to take this or that legal form, yep), we are obliged to follow certain laws and rules.

The OpenMandriva Association was established on December 12, 2012 under 1901 French Law.

To comply with that, exists Council. Council is responsible for compliance with the law, financial reports and takes decisions related to association in general (teams interaction, linking chain in between teams, someone needs to decide, which events we take part in, all the organization, public presence etc).

Cooker is development part of OMA. In practice, there are so many cookers in council, that these two organs have almost merged.

Q: What is OMA overall? How founded and for which purpose.

A: For a long time Mandrake community was hanging out near to Mandriva company, in 2012 Mandriva S.A. gave the distribution fully into hands of community. To shape it, some legal form needed to be chosen. French non-profit association was chosen among other possibilities as simplest and quickest option at that point of time.

The OpenMandriva Association was established on December 12, 2012 under 1901 French Law

Community open voting out of many options offered chose OpenMandriva to be the name.

Some ask, why at all OpenMandriva was founded? There are other distros. Well, the Mandrake community, which was sticking with Mandrake and then Mandriva route, felt that there is a need to follow the original way, to aim for simple yet very innovative distro, which puts user friendlinness above all rest.

Q: How OMA works? Structure: short overview of council, cooker, teams.

A: OMA works in consensus. We always discuss and make sure that all objections, should they happen, are heard. To hear out users we make regular user polls, same when we face important decisions (like "should we continue 586?")

In everyday life cooker are developers, infra team is responsible for website, torrents, servers side of the development, mailing lists - everything we run on. So-called workshop team unites translators, designers, communications people - everything not related to development directly, but without what distro would not be there as well. Quality assurance team fighting the bugs and last but not the least, Council, responsible for organizing all that into one body and performing necessary administrative functions.

This is when you look at structure. When you look at people filling it, it becomes obvious, how interactive and interpenetrative all teams are, being just one body.

Q: How it is financed? And what expenditures a distro has?

A: We are non-profit association. To finance infrastructure and various events we rely on sponsors help, donations from users and members contributions.

Q: How I (user) can influence what happens? Can I shape the distro? How you make sure everyone is heard?

A: You not just can, you are most welcome to! Any user can come to cooker or council meeting and raise a topic (please email it in advance to the secretary "join at openmandriva dot org", for it to be added to agenda in advance).

Any user can initiate new route of activities, POD (local OpenMandriva community) or ask for a change, if sees that needed. Any contributor can apply for membership and run in elections for council or President position.

Speak out we always listen! OpenMandriva exists solely for users.

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