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List of active mirrors (Mirmon)


Lists of mirrors for configuring the media


Setting up a mirror

Please follow this process:

  • Use one of our T-1 mirrors,

For example with command

rsync -av rsync://mirror.yandex.ru/openmandriva/ /local/path
rsync -av distro.ibiblio.org::openmandriva/ /local/path/
  • Don't forget the TIME file. It is needed for Mirmon to work correctly
  • At least 300GB of free disk space is needed

Note: the upstream is


This server pushes only necessary directories and packages to Yandex and ibiblio. Users should generally not use this server unless they need src.rpm packages, debug packages or packages from specific user contributed repo. Mirrors should also avoid to sync from this server as there is much more data in it.

Adding the urls to our lists

  • Mirmon: send the url of your mirror to the workshop team (your mail will eventually be held for moderation, the first time). We will add it to the lists.
  • Media list: for each release (cooker, 2013, 2014, ...) the record is set as:

For example:


Please send also the relevant details for your mirror.

Synchronize your mirror

  • You may use rsync (man rsync for details)
/usr/bin/rsync -av --delete --delete-delay --numeric-ids --delay-updates --exclude=.~tmp~/ mirror.rosalinux.com::openmandriva/ /your_path
  • YOU MUST use --delete-delay and --delay-updates, at the very least.
  • The best is to synchronize every 6 or 12 hours