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A warm welcome to the OpenMandriva foundation wiki! This wiki will soon contain almost every piece of information on how to use OpenMandriva's distro. You should always check here before posting on the forums for more detailed help.
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Current state of things / The Black Board / Notices

The Flavor of Freedom: Wallpaper Contest

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Resources & useful links

(Loomio Decision Tool for the Teams in the Association)

Openmandriva Wikipages for users

OpenMandriva Linux Distribution for Contributors

Artwork of The Association

Community Activity's and active workgroups

  • Meetings <-- Please include/train the tree from the old
  • Workgroups <-- Please include/train the tree from the old
  • To-Do List <-- Please include/train the tree from the old

Teams, Developers, Artwork ,Admins, Moderators and all Teams and their Leaders

  • The Distro Page All who be here in the Teams and freelancer for our Distro can imagine here under his/her alias

The Association, assembly, Members and Supporter

Deadlines the separation of Mandriva SA

Getting started -> Wiki Writers Help

Please Read, For Wiki writers

Who can help?

All, around the World ! Writer and Translater, help together to builld up this Wiki ! :)

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