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  • from now to 1st of March any member can send topics and proposal that will be added to the agenda
  • 15th of February : Agenda of the Council is added, documents to be approved (financial and operational reports) are added to the wiki, with a notification sent to the Members mailing list.
  • 1st of March end of topics added for General Assembly, we organize them by categories.
  • Within the week until 8th of March: voting in Loomio on all the topics. This is the format of the general assembly this year: loomio votes. Topics will be discussed there:
(Please ask workshop team if you have problems to sign in or to use it :)
  • 8th of March the outcome of all discussions and decisions are sent to the members mailing list and added to the wiki, and start a new year taking all this in account.

Draft of activity Report

Structure Strategy:


  • Presence in FOSDEM 2013
  • Prague 2013

Administrative structure

  • First pods linked to OMA (relation to be improved in 2014)
  • Creation of Technical Committee (short description here)
  • Creation of QA team, that control the releasing process and have the last word on Go No go (please help me explain it better)
  • Creation of first Council
  • Infrastructure team
  • Worshop team


  • Financial Accounts created
  • First contracts with developers


  • New servers
  • Website
  • ABF


  • OpenMandriva Lx 2013
  • OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0
  • ARM

Financial report

infra: location of servers
meeting: Prague (see blog)
services: paid services
Equipment: one computer
  • the details have been checked and by Anurag, Colin and Tomasz during the FOSDEM. Kate and Raphaël were also present.
  • if a member needs some more explanation, please mail to council a t
  • for the next year, we will have to elect 3 people, non members of the bureau, in order to check the accounts

Activity report