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OpenMandriva Lx Einsteinium Wallpaper Contest

Theme for this contest is "Radiation".

You can add here your proposed wallpapers.


  • All submissions should be original works, and carry a license equivalent to CC BY-SA.
  • Wallpapers could be Photography, Digital Art, or Art, falling in categories like Abstract, Monochrome, Animal life, Landscapes, Local culture.
  • The submissions must not contain anything that can be offensive to others; so we suggest to not submit religious, sexual, violent materials.
  • The pictures should not contain any recognizable people.
  • Image dimensions should preferably be 1920×1200; image size shouldn’t exceed 2 MB.
  • A user may submit more than one wallpaper.

The sunset
Grid by Nathalie Encinas
Peel by Nathalie Bouhours
White rays by SteJo
Rays at sunset by Sirius
Slug crossing a sidewalk in the blazing sun by Leo
White rays by Luca
Turtles by Davide Garatti
OpenMandriva 3 by Guilherme Marçal Silva