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OpenMandriva Lx 4.1 Alpha Errata - Known Issues

As with any release, there are still issues and bugs that may not have been resolved. This page documents known issues that may cause inconvenience and where possible details how they may be worked around.

It is recommended that you read the latest release notes on our wiki.

NVIDIA Graphics Cards

This release includes the reverse engineered nouveau driver, which gives moderately good support for most NVIDIA cards. For some dual-screen work it is actually better than NVIDIA binary driver as it supports screen rotation on a second monitor, which is useful for monitors with rotatable screens.

Users may use drivers from nvidia web site but they are not supported by OpenMandriva. These can't be supported by OpenMandriva for a number of reasons.

Installing and maintaining any proprietary nVidia drivers is solely the users option and responsibility.


There is a well known problem with some (especially newer) NVME SSD's and PCIE devices where the SSD may not be recognized. For our 'Live' ISO there is a workaround described in Release Notes.

Problem is known and being worked on by OpenMandriva developers and upstream developers. The OM Lx 4.1 Alpha release includes kernel 5.3.9 and hardware recognition for nvme SSD's should be considerably improved. It is known that some Samsung nvme SSD's that were not previously recognized are now with this kernel version. This issue is of course very hardware specific.

On installed system user may wish to add that workaround to '/etc/default/grub' and run 'update-grub2' to make workaround global. You would use the one that you found to work on the 'Live' ISO.

If (PCIE ASPM=OFF) worked for you then add:


to the lines:



in /etc/default/grub and then run:

$ sudo update-grub2

If (NVME APST=OFF) worked then add instead:


As always users are encouraged to ask questions about anything you don't understand on our forum.


Installer automatically GEOIP setting may not set the timezone correctly.

Om-donate.svg Helping the project

The OpenMandriva development teams (Cooker & QA) are always looking for new contributors to assist in creating and maintaining packages and to assist bugfixing and testing. You are welcome to join us and help us in this work which is not only rewarding but also tremendous fun!

If you feel that your talents do not lie in the realm of software, then the OpenMandriva Workshop group, which is made up from the artwork, documentation, translation and Communication teams, is always open for the submissions of artwork and translations. New contributors who would like to help with these wide-ranging tasks should see the wiki for more details, and to learn how to join! Alternatively you may use our Forum.

It also costs time and money to keep our servers up and running. If you can, please donate to keep the lights on!